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It’s Done, Sort of

I did it!  I finished the first complete draft of my cancer poetry book. Well, maybe ‘finished’ is the wrong word.  How about, “decided I’d written enough and stopped writing.”  I’ve discovered this with both software engineering projects and writing … Continue reading

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Lent Today and Four Years Ago

I started this blog on April 13, 2011 – four years ago.  The idea was to start a blog with a simple task I set for myself for Easter week.  I had read the book, The Last Week, by Marcus … Continue reading

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I Must Go to the Sea I Must Go to the Sea The machine has stopped. The beams no longer batter the body. The doctor has proclaimed all is well. Breathing in the fresh air brings no relief mind weighed down with the weight of … Continue reading

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Three Years

Three years ago I was getting up every weekday morning at about 5:30 to get to the cancer clinic by 7:00 am for my radiation treatments. It’s not an experience you easily forget.  It gets burnt into your being.  Every … Continue reading

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