Wednesday Woodworking on Friday – closing in on the center

I’ve not made as much progress this week as I would have liked.  Health issues have been keeping me out of the shop, but I hope those problems are behind me now…

Anyway, here are the current progress pictures:

Closing in on the center.

Closing in on the center.

And the backside looks like this:

Soon I'll be cutting through two pieces of wood.

Soon I’ll be cutting through two pieces of wood.

I have started drawings for my next cabinet project – a pantry cupboard with pull out drawers.  I’ll have a write-up on that in a couple of weeks.

Sadly this little cross isn’t going to be finished by Easter.  The new target date is, Pentecost.  It’s not a failure, I am just redefining success…

If you need me – I’ll be in the shop,


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In Between

Part of my brain wants to write.
Part of my brain is tired.
Part of my brain says it is alright.

One project completed.
A new one started.
Old ones standing on the self.

Always waiting.
Am I

Waiting for my body to heal.
Waiting for the doctors to start the next test.
Waiting for the result that may change my future.

Such is the pain in my brain,
fearing to start,
fearing to dare to dream of new paths.

To start or not to start.
To watch the clouds drift across an uncertain sky.
While my fingers hover over the keys,
waiting in between the failing of the day
and the start of a new day.

Waiting in between the passing of the cloud
and warming of the sun, my mind seeks the rest of night
while my soul wishes to ride the winds and find the sun.


Till next week,

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It’s a Book!

I normally don’t enter contests or drawings as I almost never win or worse end up with third prize (either the fuzzy dice or the pink bunny slippers).  That changed a bit last month. Fellow blogger, Ray, over at, “A Simple, Village Undertaker,” posted this little contest called, “Who Am I” with a little video clip.  Now useless trivia and old movies are specialties of mine – I try not to brag about it too much, but my head is just stuffed with arcane and useless facts.

So when I saw the picture in the clip, I knew it was Marlon Brando.  Took a few minutes to remember that the little clip was from a screen test.  Sadly, I did get the year wrong, but only being one year off, Ray decided to award me the prize, the book, Not Without My Father  by Andra Watkins.

Ray had read the book, wrote a review of it and had a copy to give away.

I won!

And I’ve read the whole thing.  It reminded me of the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) journals I’ve read on-line.  There are people every year who do long distant hikes and publish their journals.  In some cases, this is done through a blog while the person is hiking.  It can be exciting to keep up with people’s progress as they trudge hundreds of miles on their feet so I was interested in reading Watkins story.

Watkins book doesn’t disappoint.  She gives a great description of her daily hikes, the trail, her challenges and what she saw.  What really kept me reading though was her stories of what happened before and after the daily hiking with the sometimes dysfunctional relationships between her and her father along with the rest of her support team including her mother, husband and friends.  As the title suggests the good stuff happens between her and her father – you’ll want to read that.

At the end of each chapter I was left wondering what her father would do next and that kept me reading.  All I can say is that I’d like her father out on the road selling my next book.  Well, maybe…

It’s a fascinating story of one person setting out to do something out of her comfort zone and an inspiring read.

I recommend you check it out.

My thanks to Ray for making me aware of this book and taking the effort to send me a copy.  Check out his blog – he posts some good stuff over there.

Till next time,

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Wednesday Woodworking – I’m Still Cutting

Progress is painfully slow this week on the cross.  Didn’t get as much time as I wanted, but I got a bunch done.

Closing in on the center.

Closing in on the center.

Now I feel like I am making progress.

Now I feel like I am making progress.

At this rate, I doubt I’ll get it done by Easter.

If you need me – I’ll be in the shop


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