The Shop

My current shop isn’t much to brag about but it’s got tools and supplies and a big mess at the moment.

The space consists of two area – an inside unheated space about 12 feet by 10 feet and a covered car port space about the same size.  Big cabinet projects spill into the driveway and back yard. The small space is a big challenge.  I can’t have too many projects going at once and have to carefully plan when things get done – I can’t be applying finish and expect to run the table saw. I can’t really cut sheet goods in the space so I often have a 4×8 sheet cut to rough size at the lumber yard or set up saw horses in the drive way for rough cuts.

Weather becomes a factor too since the space lacks heat or A/C but here in San Jose there are only a 3 to 4 months out of the year when it is too cold to work in the car port and it is rarely too hot to work (maybe a couple of weeks a year).  The inside space can be heated with an electric heater but I don’t like to do that as the wiring in the house is old and the circuit breakers trip if you put too much load on them.

My shop is changing as I change the kinds of projects I work on.  As I do more marquetry and scroll saw work my work pieces are getting smaller and I am shifting from power tools to more hand tool work.  This is also something of a shift away from cabinetry and utilitarian work to more smaller artistic work.  With these changes I need to rethink the space.  Storage has also been a problem in this space (and my tendency to keep a sloppy shop) so I also want to rethink how tools and supplies get stored.

I have a shop redesign and general clean up project in process at the moment.  It’s probably not wise to post pictures of it but here are a couple of before shots:

The inside space with my scroll saw and tool box.

The inside shop has the tools I want to keep indoors.  Not seen on the left is a set of storage shelves and the dust collector is to the right and behind this camera view.

The outside shop area has a bench, small table saw and a cheap chop saw.  The saws are on moveable stands so then can be moved depending on the project.

The outside area and the very messy bench day.

The wood pile - after a clean up. Yup, needs more work.

I’ve got a bunch of left over pine and plywood from bookcases and other house projects.  Most of it is junk but I can’t just throw out wood.

I’ll post after pictures when I get things in better shape.

9 Responses to The Shop

  1. coastalmom says:

    Loved seeing this! It is so hard to be creative and keep things neat. I have good intentions. I can do it! LOL. My craft room used to be soo bad when I did this full time years ago. I’d start one project and go to another.
    This time around I’m calling it my studio… IF THAT is going to help. LOL. But so far I’ve been pretty good at cleaning up each night… during the day is another thing entirely! 😀

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  2. gpcox says:

    You’re looking as organized as I am.


    • Andrew says:

      Normally I don’t use the words, “shop” and “organized” in the same sentence. 😉

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      • Dave Glasgow says:

        Hi Andrew,

        My name is Dave Glasgow, seen your post on I go by “grandpaof4”. My wife and I live in Bartlett, TN (Memphis area). I too, have a woodshop (two car garage). From 1971-1987, I worked full time doing general construction. Trim houses, built cabinets, mantels, bookcases and just about anything to do with wood. 1987, started working in a local hospital in the maintenance, 2000, started working at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in the maintenance dept. Retired 1-21-2011. Had to go back working part time because of the stock market. I was born in Modesto (1950), raised in Santa Rosa. Married in 1970 and lived in the Memphis since 1971 (most of the time). We have one daughter born in 1977, son-in-law and four grandkids. June 19, we’re taking our two oldest grandkids with us to Lodi, CA, had a younger brother there. Last weekend of June, have my family reunion in Lake Tahoe. I have family in San Francisco, Sunnyvale, and many more cities in CA. Last Oct. 1, DX with stage 4, high volume advance prostate cancer with just a few years to live. We have a Great and close family and this is the hardest time\thing in my life, but, I’m taking it a day at a time.

        I LOVE wood, (family the most). Anyhow, will read your blog as I have time. I do want to start a blog very soon.

        Take care,

        Dave Glasgow, Bartlett, TN

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        • Andrew says:

          Dave – sorry you have to deal with this PC thing. Not something anyone wants to face. The only hope is that the palliative treatments out there can keep you going for a long time. So here’s hoping you’ve got plenty of time for family and making sawdust.

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        • John Harrison says:

          Dave, I found Andrew from Healingwell, too. Hang in there, immunotherapy is getting close for our ailment and if we can just survive long enough, I think there will be a real cure?

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  3. Are you making any progress on the shop?


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