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Random Thoughts that don’t fit anywhere


They tell us where we are, where other things are and you can use a map to plot a route between two places.  All of us have mental maps of areas around us, our home, the neighborhood, and way to … Continue reading

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Fire and Smoke

The reality for all of us living in the Western US right now is fire and smoke. If you’re not affected by fire, you breathing in the smoke from the fires.  Even here in the desert of the Reno area … Continue reading

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Weekly Outing – Nevada State Railroad Museum

Last Friday we braved the heat and smoke to drive to Carson City to see the Nevada State Railroad Museum.  We’ve always loved railroads and love seeing the old steam trains.  Heather grew up with steam trains in England and … Continue reading

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Perhaps we should just call this post a stream of consciousness.  Wow, there’s a word that’s hard to spell.  My first attempt was conciseness.  Spelling has always been difficult for me.  Well, English itself is a bit odd – lots … Continue reading

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