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Random Thoughts that don’t fit anywhere

Blogging Stuff

This will be 986th blog post.  Just 14 more to get to 1,000.  If I keep to my normal posting schedule I should get to that post just about the same week as the 10th anniversary of this blog.  Somehow … Continue reading

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Friday Wisdom – BBQ

We have a sunny day out here which makes me think of summer BBQs so here’s some wisdom on the subject: Have you seen the BBQ movie? Monty Python and the Holy Grill? I just heard that there’s a new … Continue reading

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Wednesday Woodworking – Shelf

We’re starting to get a bit warmer weather here – just above 50 with sunny skies today.  That means I’ve been able to get into the workshop to do a few things.  I built these shelves from wood I salvaged … Continue reading

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How many keys do you have? While getting the mail I noted that I have four keys on my keychain.  One for the house, one for the mailbox and two for the toolbox I never lock.  I used to have … Continue reading

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