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Random Thoughts that don’t fit anywhere

Random Writing

I’ve thought about what I’ll write today, but then it started snowing and my brain sort of froze. Yes, it’s currently snowing in the desert.  Here we say that the month of May is so named because it may snow, … Continue reading

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Friday Wisdom – Committee

I don’t think I’ve mentioned this here, but I am the Webmaster for the American Marquetry Society. Last night was our regular quarterly board meeting and I got assigned to the contest committee so naturally, here’s what I know about … Continue reading

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Wednesday Work – Irrigation, Drawers, and Cats

The weather here is finally good enough to allow me to start on this year’s garden infrastructure projects. First up is irrigation. Living in the desert means irrigation systems are required for gardening. Water doesn’t fall from the sky here. … Continue reading

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I’ve Been Thinking

It’s dangerous, but I’ve been thinking about stuff lately.  I mean about important stuff and not just trivial things.  You know world changing things like should I get a hair cut or finally let it grow long enough to tie … Continue reading

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