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Random Thoughts that don’t fit anywhere

Sitting Among the Remnants of the Future

When I started in electronics, computers filled whole rooms, TV’s were giant boxes with tiny screens, and 8-track tapes were just starting to be replaced by cassette tape.  One of my first jobs was working in a factory that made … Continue reading

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Putting Away Summer

Heather is the gardener in our house.  I poke around a bit and build a planter box now and then.  I’ve also built large parts of the irrigation system, but Heather is the gardener. We have workdays every few weeks … Continue reading

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Weekend Titles

I don’t have a poem, picture or essay this week.  Lately my brain only thinks in titles or very short lines.  So if I were to sum up my weekend in a list of blog titles it might go something … Continue reading

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Play the Fife Lowly

Heather and I often watch reruns of Lawrence Welk shows.  It’s a reminder of older days and the music that was one part of my childhood.  From time to I’ll hear a song that I once played on the piano … Continue reading

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