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Random Thoughts that don’t fit anywhere

On Secret Mission

I’m not here. I’m there. shhh … Don’t tell anyone – it’s a secret where I’m and what I’m doing. Next week I’ll have a special report and a big announcement. or maybe I’m just messing with you.

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While we wait for the world to find a new normal I was reminded that today is flag day.  It’s the day a couple of centuries ago when the then Continental Congress adopted a Flag for our fledging nation.  The … Continue reading

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Wednesday Gardening – Driveway Progress

The peas are done and now we’re looking forward to the tomatoes Corn shouldn’t be too much longer: And the squash and cucumbers are coming along too: We’ve had a lot of hot days here so Heather has sometimes been … Continue reading

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905 Posts

I was going to write a special post for my 900th post on this blog.  Apparently that was two weeks ago and today will be post 905.  I don’t check out the stats on my blog very often.  I just … Continue reading

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