It’s the inevitable outcome of submitting your work to magazines.  Way back in November I sent five of my poems out in to the world to see what might happen.  This last week the last magazine I sent them to rejected them and was also the best rejection note I received.

Most rejection notes are a version of, “No reflection on your or the quality of your poems, but we don’t want them.”  One publication went on to quote how many poems they receive per year – like that’s suppose to make me feel better that I didn’t make the cut or perhaps it’s a hint to stop sending them stuff.  I haven’t decided yet.

I did get one rejection that was encouraging.  The editor wrote: “While these poems do not meet our current needs, we did find much to admire in them and would consider future work.”

Well, thank you – I’ll get started on some new stuff right away.

I mean, I am working on new things, but life has been busy and time for writing has been limited to these Sunday afternoon blog posts.  I’d like to do more creative work, but at the moment – life, work, tax session, bought a new cell phone and thinking about driving across the country to start a new life all have had me so busy there isn’t much time for just writing.

Time, that’s one thing we never have enough of.

I do have other places I can send the poems to and as soon as the taxes are done, I’ll send them out.  I’ve asked a few poets how they got published and most said, “persistence.”  A few answered, “luck.”

So there it is lucky persistence.

I’ll keep you updated on the next batch of rejections.

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Friday Wisdom – Software is Like

Software is like an onion:

The more layers you peel back, the more you want to cry.

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And Then The Power Went Out

I think this would be a great title for a post apocalyptic novel story.  It’s also been the kind of afternoon we’ve had here at the house.  Luckily for you, the power came back on just in time for me to write this inspiring post.  Maybe I shouldn’t over promise …

It’s been a cold and windy day here and while on our way back from church I suggested to Heather that it seemed like a stay-indoors-kind-of-afternoon.  I had visions of getting some tea, and doing some writing.

My heart sank as I opened the front door and noticed the clock on the stove was dark.  I like to think that we’re well prepared for any emergency, but I having that cup of tea wasn’t going to be that easy.

Oh, I could have gone to the camping shed and pulled out a stove to boil some water out on the patio, but the 25 mile per hour winds were a bit demotivating.  Then I thought, “well I’ll just get the laptop out and check with the power company on how long we might be out of power.”

At this point I should note that I have four UPS (uninterruptible power supply) in the office that keep things alive – including the internet/router/wifi/telephone thing.  There were only two things still beeping at this point and yes the battery unit for the internet/router/wifi/telephone thing had died.  We were now cut off from the world. Fortunately my cellphone was still 70% charged and I use it to check PG&E’s website.

I’m so glad I was able to get to PG&E to find out how many power outages there were in the area and to discover that the repair crew was en route to ours.  In fact the crew was still listed as en route for an hour after they restored power.  Amazing – they fixed it without arriving …

At this point in the blog post it would be natural to slip into a lecture/sermon/morality lesson about how easy our lives are with all this technology and how fragile it all is.  Then there would be the whole how you should be prepared for all that – flashlights, coats, emergency food supplies, a wind proof stove, etc …

But, being a writer, while I was waiting for the power to return I started thinking how this would be a great start to a post apocalyptic story.  A couple returns home from church to find the power is out. It never comes back as they struggle to survive the aftermath of …

And that’s when the power came back on and I got my cup of tea then started writing this post.

You’re going to have to wait for the next power outage for me to finish that story – sorry.

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Friday Wisdom – Trees

Don’t trees get tired standing up all the time?

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