Friday Wisdom – Nostalgia

Wisdom twoferone:

Nostalgia isn’t what it used to be.


It’s hard to be nostalgic when you can’t remember anything.

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Wednesday Woodworking – Moon clock

Here’s a marquetry piece I did recently.  It’s about 12 inches across.  I call it a Moon Clock.

So far it’s not won any awards.  Now to find a place in the house to put it up.

Moon clock

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While the Pizza Bakes

When I started this blog back in 2011 I thought I might do a post everyday for a week about Easter – didn’t finish that.  Then I thought I’d do something a newsy – comments on current events.  Then there was this little cancer thing that happened in my life and the blog went in a very different directions – personal essays, poems, woodworking, funnies, cat pictures, etc.

I’ve kept the original name, “Andrew’s View of the Week.” Likely I should have changed it to something else a long time ago.  Yeah, I often write about last week, but just as often I don’t go there.  Most of the time I just sit down and write something – I lack any sense of direction on these posts.

Still, a bunch of people read this stuff.  Weird.  Thank you.

I have given thought to refocusing and doing something more intentional with my writing here or at least change the blog name to something that is closer to what really gets posted – you know, mostly random thoughts with a touch of humor and occasional insight (well at least I’d like to think I sometimes have something insightful to say).

Over the years I’ve had different thoughts on what to rename this blog.  Once I considered changing the title to, “Grandpa’s Workshop” and focus on woodworking.  That’s when I started doing my sometimes, “Wednesday Woodworking” posts.  The reality is that I don’t do enough shop time to have much to say on shops.  Long time readers may have noticed the complete lack of shop posts in say the last five months.

Then there was the phase where I thought I just retell a bunch of my father’s old jokes and stories.  “My Father Said,” was the working title for that, but then I realized that I’ve already posted most the stories father told and likely I’d run out of material in eight months.

Yes, I’m in this blog for the long haul.  No idea what that means, but I like the sound of it.

Last week I was thinking I’ll just shift to an all gardening blog with the working title, “Composter Roaster.”  Yeah, moving along …

Then it hit me, a great title, “While the Coffee Brews.” Perfect, shows that I’ve limited how much time I write and hints that the thoughts and posts are somewhat random.  Just one little problem: I don’t drink coffee.  Except for my Saturday trips to Starbucks to get a latte which has espresso, a kind of compressed coffee.

Maybe, “While the Milk Steams”

Actually I’m a tea drinker and I have a number of readers in the UK so perhaps, “While the Tea Brews,” might work.  Although, I’ve noticed that the Brits seem to be drinking more coffee than tea lately.  Weird.

But then I decided that I should be honest.  I don’t write while brewing beverages and often my afternoon tea is normally long gone by the time I sit down to write on a Sunday afternoon.  Then I procrastinate by looking things up and waffling back and forth on what to write that day.

Then it’s time for me to make the Sunday pizza.  Yes, Heather and I have a pizza on Sundays.  It’s my night to cook and pizza is one thing I can be relied on not to screw up.  It kind of goes like this: I mess around with writing something and then it’s time for pizza.  I panic, get the pizza in the oven and have 16 minutes to fix up my blog post into something postable because when the pizza is done, we watch Monty Don and the odds of me completing anything after that is remote.

So, I’m thinking of renaming this blog, “While the Pizza Bakes.”  Cool right? Let me know what you think of that title in the comments.

But if honesty is the point here, likely I won’t change anything – you can’t rename a blog in 16 minutes …

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Friday Wisdom – A Journey

A journey of a thousand sites begins with a single click.

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