Wednesday Working – Two Blocks done

It’s cold outside so I’m indoors mostly working on quilting or writing. Here’s my progress on the table runner:

I have two of the four big dots made. Each is made out of four blocks. The curvy log cabin tool makes these look like a circle. I have two more to do. This is a fiddly project to do and takes a lot of concentration to keep things lined up right. My next project will be simpler.

I have braved the outdoors once or twice:

Yup, I’ve been putting up outside likes. This is my heard of deer. There are a couple of other areas I need to do, but I’m waiting for a warm afternoon to work on those. Warm – like something above freezing.

I’ve also finished by poetry class, but those poems need some editing before they’re ready for the world to see.

If you need me, I’ll be looking for my sweater …

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Friday Wisdom – Podiatrist

This week I went to my podiatrist to follow up on my plantar fasciitis. The good news is that my foot is healing fine and should be just like new in six months. The even better news is that I learned a lot about podiatry, so here’s what I know:

Did you know that podiatrists make great detectives – they always know when there’s trouble afoot.

I found out the difference between a baker and a podiatrist: One feels the heat and the other heals the feet.

It’s kind of sad, but podiatrists can never win. They have already seen da feet.

There was an article in the news about two podiatrists that hated each other. Yup, they were arch enemies.

I had to see a second podiatrist. The first one didn’t know his right from left. Let’s just say we got off on the wrong foot.

My grandson took his dog to see a podiatrist. When he walked into the office there was a long uncomfortable paws.

I needed to see a podiatrist and called to make an appointment, but they said they were only taking limp-ins.

Did you hear that Santa went to see a podiatrist? Santa thought he had mistletoe.

What’s a podiatrist’s favorite vehicle to drive? Yup, a toe truck.

My podiatrist told me he was feeling proud that his son just got accepted to podiatry school. Apparently his son wanted to follow in his father’s foot steps.

I wasn’t sure the podiatrist could help with my foot problem, but I stand corrected.

I was working on the podiatry joke, but I thought it would be too corny.

Podiatrists don’t use the metric system, they work with feet.

My podiatrist told me that he once saw a shoe factory burn down. He said it was sole destroying.

My podiatrist told me a story about a patient who cut off a large chunk of his foot, but it turned out okay as it’s almost all heeled.

My podiatrist said he could always tell if someone was lazy. Apparently lazy people wear loafers.

My podiatrist said that the best food to eat for foot health is Shoe-shi.

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Friday Wisdom – Thanksgiving

Here in the US, yesterday was Thanksgiving and the official over eating day. Today is the official, “Why did I eat that much yesterday day.” So here is what I know about Thanksgiving:

What sport do pumpkins like? Squash.

Just read that they arrested a turkey. It was suspected of fowl play.

Which side of the turkey has the most feathers? The outside.

They wouldn’t let me take my turkey to church – they said it used fowl language.

I’ve been told to stop telling Thanksgiving jokes, but I can’t just quite cold turkey.

And what is the turkey’s favorite month? Any one except November.

They let the turkey join the band as a drummer – well he had his own drumsticks.

Turkeys don’t eat dinner, because they’re always stuffed.

What key can’t open locks? A tur-key.

What did Luke Skywalker say on Thanksgiving? Let the forks be with you.

Turkey soup is very expensive because it’s 24 carrots.

The turkey’s political statement: Liberty, Equality and Bad Aim for all.

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Wednesday Working – Quilting Progress

I’ve gotten back into production on my table runner quilting. Here’s a few photos of how I make the curvy log cabin blocks:

First step is to cut the center and then add a round of strips around the center square.

Then you use the curvy tool to trim the block. Note that there is a wide side and a narrow side. This is how you get the curve effect. On a traditional log cabin, all the strips would be the same width.

Next, trim the narrow strips to get this:

This is the first round done. Just two more to go:

and one more round to complete the block:

The process is confusing and I’m constantly double checking what I’m doing. I’ve completed two of these blocks, just 14 more to go.

Well, that’s it for me this week. Tomorrow it will be time to over eat and visit family.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone and if you need me, I’ll be in the kitchen getting another plate full.

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