Friday Wisdom – Greener Grass

The grass is greener on the other side of the fence because they water the lawn over there.

More wisdom next week,


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Friday Wisdom – Head Cold

My dear old daddy (and he liked being called “my dear old daddy”) use to say:

If you get a head cold and take care of yourself by resting, drinking plenty of fluids and taking some extra vitamin C – you’ll get over it in seven days.

If you don’t it could take a week.

More wisdom next time,


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Friday Wisdom – Hiring an Electrician

When hiring an electrician always ask this question:

“How many times have you been shocked on the job?”

The correct answer is: “Once”

More wisdom next Friday.


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Wednesday Woodworking – clock and pegboard

With the long weekend I managed a bit of time in the workshop.  Here are two of the projects I worked on:

This is going to be a clock.  The picture is just after I took it out of clamps.  There are three veneers in this and all the pieces were knife cut.

New pegboard and a new setup for the scroll saw.

This is more of the shop clean up project.  I’ve rearranged my scroll saw area and added a shelf and pegboard.  The mess on the saw is a work in progress.

If you need me – I’ll be in the shop,


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