Wednesday Woodworking – Ironing the Clock

I carved some time out and made some progress on my clock.  This project used a special woodworking tool:

This is for veneer. Don’t take my iron to do your shirts

Yup, looks like a household iron.  The difference? Well, none really, as it is a regular iron you’d use on shirts, but I use to put edge banding on stuff:

The edge is a veneer glued down using a hot iron.

Here’s a view of the edge:

Two pieces of different veneers are connected with a miter cut.

The miter servers two purposes – it looks nicer than a straight cut and it hides mistakes in cutting better.

The edge showing is 3/4 of an inch thick.

The way this works is that you apply PVA glue (yellow carpenter’s glue, or white glue) to the edge of the clock and to the back of the veneer.  Then you let both dry overnight.  When dry, you lay the veneer on the edge and apply heat with the iron.  The heat of the iron reactivates the glue and as it cools you get wood glued to wood.  It’s a great way to apply flat veneers to curved surfaces.

Not always easy.  What you’re looking at is my second attempt as I screwed up big time the first time. But with a disc sander and more veneer here is a perfect joint.

and that’s the key to woodworking – knowing how to fix your mistakes.

If you need me – I’ll be out making mistakes in the shop,


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Friday Wisdom – Being Good

When I was a child, my father gave me a nickel for being good.

These days I am good for nothing.


More insights next week,


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Friday Wisdom – Psychokinesis

All those who believe in psychokinesis raise my hand.

More insight next week,


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Wednesday Cat Pictures

With the trip to the conference I’ve been away from garden and shop, so this week you get two cat pictures:

Spotty Kitty checking my work on the irrigation project.

Mr. Socks sleeping on the Snoopy blanket.

That’s it for projects this week.  Now that I am not running around the planet, I might get some work done.



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