Friday Wisdom – Shopping

I went to buy a mattress.  The sales person showed me a few, but I was unsure and said, “I don’t know, I’ll need to sleep on it.”

Guardians of the Galaxy  – the security guards standing outside the Samsung store.

A judge went the mall and shouted an order in the food court.

If the shoe fits buy two pairs.

The toy store tried to sell me Supergirl, Lara Croft and Wonder Woman.  They might be a heroine dealer.

Why is the slowest checker always in the express lane?

Advice to men: Don’t try to guess her size, just buy anything “petite” and keep the receipt.

They’re giving the new C.E.O of Amazon a new title.  From now on he’ll be referred to as the Prime Minister.

Today I ordered an egg and a chicken from Amazon – I’ll let you know which one comes first.

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Friday Wisdom: Work

As a young man I wanted to get into banking, but I kept losing interest.

Nothing ruins a Friday more than realizing it’s Thursday.

I’m a great multitasker – I can be unproductive, waste time, and procrastinate all at the same time.

Team work is great – it gives you someone else to blame.

My boss said, “Who’s stupid, you or me?”  I replied, “It’s well known that you don’t hire stupid people.”

I went to work at a paper company, but it folded.

My job is secure.  No one else will take it.

I was studying to become a train engineer, but I got sidetracked …

At one point I was studying to be a historian, but then I realized there’s no future in it.

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Thursday Quilting – Big Block

It’s been awhile since I’ve show any quilting progress so here’s where I am:

The first finished bento box big block.

This is the first of the big blocks finished for the bento box quilt.  I made 36 of the small squares.  There will be nine of these all together that will make the top.  I’m making this as a wall hanging so it’s not that big.

Eight more to go.

My goal is to have this finished in January.  Yeah, it’s February and I’m a little behind schedule, but you know how busy we retired folks are.

If you need me, I’ll be at the sewing machine.

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Persistence of Vision

Persistence of Vision …

… is the effect where the visual perception of an object continues for some time after the light rays from the object have stoped entering your eyes.

Try this: Look an object for a minute.  Stare, don’t blink, don’t move your head, just look.  Best done when there is a lot of contrast between the object and its background.  Look at a hill, a person, a painting, a parked car … now close your eyes and see the thing still drifting before you as it shifts and slowly melts away.

It explains movies.  It explains seeing long lost friends.  It explains why we can see without looking.

What is vision? Is it seeing a thing? Opening our eyes and perceiving the light reflected from a thing? Does it only work in the day or when the lights are on?

Close your eyes and think of the beach on a warm summer day.  See the sand and the waves.  There, a bird flies over head and look down to see the seaweed washing ashore.  Move towards the water.  Now you can hear the waves and feel the chill of the water as it washes over your toes.  Hear the laughter of the children running towards the retreating water, then hear the screams of delight as the next wave floods their feet with foamy waves.

How long ago was it – when you were at the beach?

Vision, more than here and now.  More that sight and sound.  Dream like, yet some how real.  We remember things long ago or if we dare, things that might be.

Stand on Everest looking out from the roof of the world.  Feel the exhilaration of getting there.  Feel the bone weariness, feel the cold wind, and take a breath of thin air.

Sit at the view port of your star ship and marvel at the new planet filling your eyes as you race across the lightyears.

Picture a painting you’d like to make.  Think of a story you’d like to tell.  Describe the kind of world you’d like to build.  These are visions to hold close – to close your eyes and still see.  In your mind’s eye, build the vision of your grand design.  Hold it, shape it, make it yours.

Now, if you’re a writer, write,

If you’re a painter, paint,

If you’re a musician, play,

If you’re a singer, sing,

If you’re a dancer, dance …

When you build a vision, share it so that it will always persist.

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