Grandpa’s Journal Entry

Right now the grand kids are writing in their journals so grandpa thought he’d write one too.  Gran thought it would be a great idea to had the kids take a little time each day to practice writing to help them learned and give them something quiet to do.  Judging from the noise in the living room the quiet part isn’t working out so well but for seven and nine year olds they are writing very well.  I doubt I was anywhere near that good at that age.

Now I am much older and write much better.  It’s good to have the kids around to remind me how far I’ve come in life.  Sitting here in the middle years of my life I am amazed how much I have learn and humbled by how there is still to learn.

I am at the other end of the house as I write this but even with my hearing loss I hear gran helping the kids spell the hard words and her working to keep them focused on their work.  She’s a great grandmother – the kind of grandma every kid should have: kind, fun loving, caring and when needed tough as nails.

The kid’s task is to write about their day and I’ll finish this entry with my version of what has happened today.

Today I got up early and went to my men’s group at church, the Gathering of Men (GOM).  It was very early when I got there and I had a bagel and juice for my breakfast.  Our new church pastor was there so we all got to meet him.  We sat in a big circle and took turns saying our name and telling everyone at little bit about what we’ve been doing.  We also told Pastor Jim how when we started going to the church and why we keep coming back.

I was supposed to call gran after the meeting but I forgot my cell phone and had to drive home to get it.  When I got home I found that gran and the kids had made lunches for our hike and were all ready to go.  I got my pack together and helped load everything into the car.  Then we all got in and I drove us to the mountains.

The kids had a lot of questions about what kind of animals we’d see when we got there and gran and I did our best to answer all the questions.  We drove up a twisty road and went past a fire station.  Then we parked in this big dirt parking lot and read all the warning signs about ticks, mountain lions and rattle snakes.  Once everyone knew what to do in case we saw a mountain lion we hiked up this long trail to the top of the mountain.

From the top of the mountain we could see all around but the was a lot of fog over the ocean so we didn’t see much of that.  We tried to see if we could see our house but I think it was behind a hill and we couldn’t find it.

Then we hiked back to the car and got our lunches.  There was this tunnel we walked through to get to the picnic tables where we ate lunch.  Next to the picnic area was a nature center and we all went inside.  There were animal bones and fur that we could touch and this big wall with descriptions of animals.  Next to the wall were the pictures of the animals and you had to match the picture with the description.  We did that for a long time.

Then we went to the pond and looked for fish.  There were a lot of fish in the pond but you’re not allowed to fish there.

After looking at the fish we drove back.  We stopped at Starbuck’s so gran and grandpa could get their afternoon treat.  We also stopped at the office store so gran could buy more stars to put on the kid’s chores sheets.  She also got extra write pads so everyone now has their own.

We got home gran let the kids pick out a Sobees drink for their treat drinks and we all had quiet time until dinner time.  Gran made a great dinner and we all had seconds and thirds.  We ate it all.  It was delicious.

Well now it time for a quiet evening and since we’re all very tired we’ll go to bed early tonight.

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Born in California Did the school thing studying electronics, computers, release engineering and literary criticism. I worked in the high tech world doing software release engineering and am now retired. Then I got prostate cancer. Now I am a blogger and work in my wood shop doing scroll saw work and marquetry.
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