Too Busy to Post Today – A Whine

Life has been so busy lately that I just can’t figure out what’s been happening. Let’s see – grandkids showed up, messed up all my Lego boxes (they had 1×4 grays in with the 2×4 reds and robot parts in the people parts) and then they sadly went home – just as I was getting use to the joyous chaos . Heather and I took a week camping to recover then got the house ready (transplanting shrubs, moving heavy furniture, going to the dump) for the construction crew who installed new windows in the kitchen – well it started out as replacing windows and ended up rebuilding walls. Then we painted after the crew left and I dug out two ex-planters that are going to get cemented over to create a larger patio space.  We just finished putting back the big pieces of furniture but I am sure I’ve forgotten to do something.

And somewhere in all that I started a new job and saw my finical adviser to find out when and if I ever get to retire (I’ve got a report but am afraid to read it). The new job has a different medical plan than my old job so I switched doctors – to a doctor I had before, who I really like. Then the doctor sent me to this physical therapy class for my shoulder after I complained about pain in my elbow – yeah I’m still trying to figure that out (weird but it’s working).  Then she, my doctor, sent me up for all these blood tests and asked a lot of questions about my prostate that I’d rather not repeat. I can’t be completely sure but I believe I went to the dentist for a cleaning and check up – well I do remember a comment from a dental like person about being ‘long in the tooth’ – apparently there’s a tooth paste for that.  The eye doctor finally convinced me to buy the prescription sunglasses he’s been after me for, just before telling me that my eye pressure increased this time so we’ve got to start checking for glaucoma every 12 months.  My grandmother had glaucoma but seems like I told the eye doctor that already or maybe he treated my grandmother – I don’t remember.

And my church committee had coffee host duty this month – I get a barely pass there as I forgot to get a crew for one Sunday (good thing I’ve got a great team that is willing to cover my butt from time to time) and one Sunday I screwed up the schedule cause it turned out that I was liturgist and the guy making coffee on the same Sunday – Heather helped me cover that one up.  The only good news is that I am on the verge of convincing the church council that I shouldn’t be  in charge of ‘hospitality hour.’ Then there’s a new pastor dude at church, Jim I think.  Yes, now I am sure of it – he’s new and his name is Jim.  I had breakfast with him last month? I think, yes, I did – he didn’t get the coffee cake but he had coffee.

I keep thinking that I need to write a new blog post but that keeps slipping into ‘tomorrow.’  It’s been tomorrow for about six weeks now.  I keep checking the status on this blog and am surprised to find that my most popular post is the one about my table saw stand closely followed by the unfinished posts on the Murphy bed.  I will take some pride in my Memorial day posts as they were my highest single day activity but on a day to day basis people seem more interested in Murphy beds and table saw stands than they are about our veterans. I’d like to do some really good posts but just about the time I think of a good one something new and better has happened so I start thinking out a blog post for that.  Never seem to get one written.  I’ve lost track of the number of times I’ve opened my editor only to close it two days later without ever having written anything.

Well tonight my brain has kind of exploded.  This post started out as a tweet but then I ran over the 140 character limit so I moved on to a Facebook status update.  But then I went over that limit and FB suggested I do a note.  Somewhere around 400 words I cut and pasted the whole thing into the editor window I opened last Saturday and I rewrote all of this. At some level I feel I should apologize for the whiny tone of this post but at another level it just feels good to have a nice whine.

A wise man would delete the whole thing and just go to bed but I can’t be accused of being wise…

About Andrew Reynolds

Born in California Did the school thing studying electronics, computers, release engineering and literary criticism. I worked in the high tech world doing software release engineering and am now retired. Then I got prostate cancer. Now I am a blogger and work in my wood shop doing scroll saw work and marquetry.
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