Back from the workshop

SInce my last post it feels like I haven’t stop moving until now.  It’s been good motion but now it is time to give a little report on what I’ve been up to.

I went to the marquetry workshop and I am happy to report that there were no injuries – mine or anyone else’s.  It was a five hour drive to get there and there were eight of us total – six students, our teacher and his helper.  They started us right away on the lathe and I spent all Friday afternoon learning to use the lathe and turning tools.  First lesson was to round a stick and cut a profile into it.  Then we went on to learning how to create a bowl and after a dinner break we worked into the evening finishing up the bowl.

The amazing thing about wood turning is how easy it was.  Yes it is a little scary having a block of wood spinning inches from your figures but the thought of what could happen keeps your mind focused and fingers safely out of the way.  The guys teaching the class have something like a million years wood turning experience and really worked hard to make sure we knew what we were doing before we touched tool to wood.  It was great to have someone there to help you figure out what to do and more importantly how to fix the inevitable mistakes.  And that is the real key to good woodworking – knowing how to fix the mistake that will naturally be made.

We worked hard for the three days, working late Friday night and getting up early Saturday and Sunday.  We did go have nice meals Friday and Saturday evenings which  were a great time to socialize and to get to know everyone better.  I came home with a plate with marquetry inlaid in the bottom and an almost finished goblet with marquetry around the rim (one of my classmates has offered to help me finish the piece in his shop).

We ended the workshop about 3:00 pm on Sunday and I did the five hour drive home and packed my flight bag.

Yup – the next morning at 5:00 am my wife and I got on a plane to Hawaii to celebrate our  tenth wedding anniversary.  I wouldn’t have made the flight if Heather hadn’t be a good sport about the whole thing and did the work of packing both our bags and getting everything ready to go while I was enjoying my workshop.

We spent eight wonderful nights in paradise – four on the big island over on the Kona coast and then we hopped over to Kauai for four nights on the garden island.  It was a great trip – relaxing and all around the most wonderful way to celebrate ten years.

Tuesday night we returned from tropical sun to California rain – that was bit of a let down (er downpour).  Wednesday was spent cleaning up, watching the rain and wishing we were back in Kauai.  I’ll say it out loud – so far I have to say Kauai is my favorite Hawaiian island.

Thursday it was back to work for me.  There were about 1,000 emails to sort through, projects to get updated on and generally getting reconnected with work. Friday was just as crazy and it looks like work is going to be crazy until the Christmas buying season is over.

Since Wednesday my mind has been shifting to future plans and thinking about the kind of art, woodworking, church work, house projects and work projects I’d like to do.  I am feeling the need to be more creative in my life and to spend more time working with my hands.  I haven’t sorted it all out yet but soon I will.

That’s all I have time for now.  I’ll post more details and pictures of the marquetry this week. Also I’ll post more details about the next marquetry piece I am starting.

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Born in California Did the school thing studying electronics, computers, release engineering and literary criticism. I worked in the high tech world doing software release engineering and am now retired. Then I got prostate cancer. Now I am a blogger and work in my wood shop doing scroll saw work and marquetry.
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