Wednesday Fire News

California is on fire.  The current fires in Northern California are just horrific.  The speed at which the fires hit and the total devastation left behind is worse than any other fire I can recall.

Heather and I live 70 miles south of the nearest fire and even at that distance we can smell the wood smoke.  The pictures on the news are unimaginable.  One friend posted on Facebook that his brother lost his home.  Another friend is watching her childhood neighborhood under threat and friends and family suffering.

Looking at the maps I realized that a woodworking friend of mine lives near a fire (see Fire Maps for all the fires burning).  It was hard to tell from the maps whether or not his home was destroyed.  I was relieved to get an answer to my email to him.  He is safe in a motel and the fire stopped a couple of miles from his home.  His hoping to be allowed to return on Friday.

As of this writing the death toll stands at 15, with hundreds missing, and at least 2,000 homes destroyed.  Not just burnt, but reduced to ash with nothing remaining.  Some people escaped with just the clothes they were wearing – that’s how fast this hit.

And it hit areas I thought would never burn.

Sadly, this news will get worse before the week is out and containment of the fires is a long way off.

If you have a extra prayer or a few dollars for the Red Cross, the folks up there could use it.



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What Price?

What Price?

Good friends, good music, good times.

Hands holding hands,
bodies swaying to the rhythm
of promises of night.

Dancer’s jubilance
fades to a scream
as blood erupts from chest, arms, and legs.

Nightmare falls
as a hundred points
of red ignite the night.

From above
the freeman
exercised his rights.

free dancers
pay the price for unchecked madness.


Till next time,

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Friday Wisdom – Thoughts at Work

It’s been a challenging week at work for me with the most common question I’ve asked my coworkers being: “Does your train of thought have a caboose?”

If you need me – I’ll be hiding from my fellow engineers.


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Wednesday Kitties

There isn’t much happening in the shop at the moment as we’re getting ready for a bathroom remodel.  More about that next week, so this week, by popular demand (okay, one person asked), you get pictures of kitties sleeping.

Socks sleeping on the reading chair.

Boots on the love seat.

Bella on the other reading chair.

Spotty in her tower saying, “Will you please turn that thing off, some of us are sleeping.”

Hopefully there will construction pictures next week.

If you need me – I’ll be looking for an empty chair.


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