A rare sound in my part of the world.  The clouds that float over my home are often just fluffy bunnies or prancing puppies. Sometimes they contain rain or are blown by strong winds. But the empty tummy growl of thunder is rare and the stuff of a million Facebook posts.

Earlier there was sun streaming through the window, warming the office.  Now, the thunderhead blocks out the sun and the temperature drops sharply – making my cold hands colder.

I sit here struggling over the right words for today’s blog post.  Should I be funny or say something of importance? I was looking in my book, thinking I might put my headset on and record a reading of one of the poems.

A few days ago I was reading an article about, “poet’s voice.”  That strange way of reading poems that we sometimes fall into – the voice flattens and becomes almost staccato.  The sound devoid of drama and taking on an almost unearthly quality where we try to just let the words speak.

Then over head the thunder grumbles, rolls – sounding like a giant empty tummy complaining over the lack of food.  Then the rain starts.  How long before there is hail?

Perhaps I’m just a bit melancholy.  While flipping through, There was a Time, I reread some of the poems I wrote about my mother and I was reminded about her and our difficult relationship.  It was just last weekend I attended the memorial service for a friend’s mother and those memories of mother are surfacing again. 

As I was considering which poem to record and how I might record without falling into a monotone or starting to cry, the heavens grumbled and the rain hit harder leaving me to wonder if my mic would pickup the falling rain.

A written poem is about the words.  A spoken poem is the reader honoring those words with the performance – letting the words fill the heart and put life into the voice.  If the words are exuberant so should the voice.  If the words are sad, one should be able hear the reader cry.

The rain builds and then tapers off.

My recording is done – flawed and not exactly what I want, but I’ve uploaded it anyway for you to decide.  The nature of the poem causes me to fall into that voice of a detached poet.

Perhaps strong emotion causes one’s voice to fail.



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Friday Wisdom – Weather Check

You know the internet has taken over your life when you go to the weather website to check the radar to see if it’s raining outside instead of just looking out a window …

More wisdom next week,


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Wednesday Writing – Books, books, books

First, the weather’s been getting warmer so I’ve been able to get in the workshop, and am working on a cabinet.  I’d post pictures, but just how many pictures of cut plywood does the world need?

Second I’ve been giving copies of my book to family and the folks who helped me edit the book.  Yesterday I was getting ready to mail out a few copies and realized that I didn’t have any envelopes of the right size, so if I’ve promised you a copy – well I got the padded envelopes last night and am going to the post office today.

I checked my book listing on Amazon yesterday and I’ve received a nice review.  Thank you!!!

Next step in my book marketing plan is to start looking for places to do book readings and such.  Still a work in progress.

And speaking of work – got to go to my day job now,


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Post Number 778

The only point of this post is to say: I’ve written a lot of posts for this blog.

I was going to wait till I got to post number 1,000 to say anything, but according to my calculations I’ll get to that post in 1.42948718 years (precision counts) and I’m impatient.

So I wanted to say that I’ve been writing this blog since April 2011 and think I’ve met my goals for it.  See my “About” page for those stated goals.  My primary goal, being an unsuccessful blogger, I’ve largely met.  Face it, almost no one has heard of this blog and by internet standards site traffic is close to zero.

One goal accomplished.

Next thing I listed was bunch of different things I was going to explore in writing.  Most of those I have met, but I do feel that I’ve let down my readers by not offering many essays in literary criticism and have been neglecting any substantive work on intertextual analysis of literary works.  I was thinking of a series of blog posts comparing Melville’s Moby Dick to Steinbeck’s East of Eden.  Sadly I’ve largely abandoned that project as I keep falling asleep while try to do close readings of either book.

In paragraph 5 of my “About” page I mentioned that I delight in bad jokes, bad poetry, and have a need for power tools.  I shamelessly post my bad jokes and pictures of my power tools.  And yes, I have been known to start showing pictures of my power tools when people at work start showing their cat/dog/kid pictures at the office, “Yes, cute puppy. Hey, have I shown you my new track saw, it’s a beauty.”

But about poetry – I’ve kind changed on that.  When I wrote the “About” page, I was thinking more of Vogon poetry, (as in The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, see the link here: ).  At some point after starting this blog, I received radiation treatment for my prostate cancer and one major side effect of that treatment has been a love of poetry and desire to write it (I was hoping for x-ray vision as a super power, but instead I got poetry).

Sometimes, I even write a good poem.  Quite different from my stated goal.  I have considered rewriting my “About” page, but normally after I look at it I think, “Darn that’s good, I’ll leave it alone.”  Although there are times I wonder who wrote it and who is the Andrew person the author is talking about.

Another side effect of the radiation, I guess.

Okay, okay, I love this line, “I am at one with my duality.” Ha!  I laugh every time I read that line.  I am not sure I wrote it – likely I stole it and forgot who I stole it from.

Back to the goals.  I did state that I had boundaries for this blog that I wouldn’t cross and that I wouldn’t say what they are.  Since I’ve never written about what I won’t write about, I’ve achieved the goal of not telling you what I won’t write about.  As to whether or not I have or haven’t crossed a boundary I’ve set for myself – I’m not telling.

I did mention in there that I am the “gray beard” at work – as in the oldest guy in the office.  Recently I found out that I am in fact older than the CEO and founder of the company I “work” for.

I, in fact, do have a gray beard.  Well that is when I let it grow out it’s all gray, but I shave every day so no one will know that my beard is gray.  So far I don’t have any gray hair on my head (and yes, I have a full head of non-gray hair when most of my friends went gray last decade).  Heather has suggested that I should grow out my beard just to have some gray on my head.  I’ve countered that when my hair turns gray I’ll grow a long beard, let my hair grow long, tie it in a pony tail and wear tie dyed tee-shirts like an elderly hippy who’s escaped the 60’s.  It’s an empty threat really, sigh …

Well, I was only writing today to tell you I’ve been at this awhile and will keep writing stuff.

So please join me some time in the fall of 2020, when I get to post 1,000.

I promise I’ll write something interesting for that post.


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