Friday Wisdom – Hiking

I love to hike in nature, but often wish there was an escalator to get you to the top of the mountain.

The other day I was out hiking in a rocky area when I came across two talking rocks.  One was big, but a bit shy. The other was little boulder.

It was great hiking to the top of the mountain, but it was downhill from there.

I decided to hike all the way around the lake – come hill or high water.

Did I tell you about the mountain behind my house? I can’t get over it.

I have to tell you the story of hiking with my pet, Yogi – bear with me on this …

What does a bear think when it see you in a sleeping bag?  Look a soft taco …

What kind of bear has no teeth?  A gummy bear …


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I have a lot of inertia and tend to stay in one place for long periods of time.  This is especially true for homes.  I’ve only moved about six times in my life and have only lived outside the San Jose area for one year and for nearly six decades I’ve lived within 4 miles of where I was born.

Just a century ago this would have been normal, but these days  it isn’t.

I just get comfortable in a place and tend to just make the best of whatever is around me.  My father was like that, but my mother wasn’t.  Mother had a wanderlust that was seemingly insatiable and if she wasn’t traveling, she was planning her next trip.

Now at 60 and newly retired I find myself living far from where born.  My life packed into boxes and deposited in the garage of the new house.  It’s a different state, a different city – a different place far from my known world.

But yet there are still many familiar things here.  There’s a grocery store, a garden center, a coffee place, a gas station, the annoying neighbor, the helpful neighbor, and one who’s a little of both.

I’ve often wondered what the word ‘home’ really means.  In times of stress, I’ve been known to say, “I just want to go home.”  When you say that in your own house, things might not be going as well as you’d like.

There are a number of phrases and idioms that attempt to define home:

  • Home is where you hang your hat
  • Home is where your heart is
  • Home is where you story begins
  • Home is where you place your @ (for you computer nerds)

Home could be that place where you find comfort and rest or it could be a place where your story starts.

That place where the adventure begins.

and a few pictures of Reno from the park behind our neighborhood:


Looking towards Reno airport. My house is somewhere on the left.

From a different angle. You can’t see my house in this picture.

Reno at night.

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Friday Wisdom – Cars

We moved 250 miles away, but I still have things that need to be done at our old house so the last couple of weeks I’ve doing a lot of driving.  Which naturally has given me lots of time to thing about cars.

If you got hit by a guitar truck, would it be a Fender bender?

What car did Yoda buy? A Toyoda

What do you say to the frog you’re going to give a ride to? Hop in.

I saw my neighbor washing his car with his son.  I went over and suggested he use a sponge instead.

Did you hear about the frog who parked in a red zone? Yeah, his car was toad.

Law of the freeway: The person in front of you wants to drive five miles an hours slower than you and the person behind you wants to drive five miles an hour faster than you.

Law of driver observations: The guy going slower than you is an idiot while the guy going faster than you is maniac.

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Office Progress and a Tower of Kitties

We’re making slow progress here on setting up the house.  We’re currently working on “our rooms.” The house is big and both Heather and I wanted a lot of room for our creative work, so each of us took a bedroom.  I’ve been setting up furniture in both rooms and have made some progress in my room:

The progress in the office. I have a desk, computer and chair. Now, if I can just find the bookshelves, I could unpack my books.

The biggest problem at the moment is that most of our boxes are in big pile in the garage, which makes finding things a challenge.

We did find another kitty tower and put it into the laundry room where the kitties have a nice big window to look out of.  It’s a difficult transition for them as we can’t let them go outside here – too many coyotes and other predators that would like them for a snack – so we’re doing our best to give them nice places to be in the house.

Cat tower in the laundry room. Socks took the top bunk and Boots the lower for their morning nap.

Spotty kitty has decided that a place on the floor is better.

Spotty prefers her bed on the floor next to our bed.

I don’t know when I’ll get back to regular posts or all the new stuff I’m thinking of doing.  Given that I’m now officially retired, I’m taking it slow to adjust and get things just right.

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