Friday Wisdom – Trees

Don’t trees get tired standing up all the time?

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Blogging Inertia

This will be my 861st post since I started this blog.

There have been 126,160 views with 15,335 comments.

Okay, half of those comments are me replying, so it’s really only about 7,500 reader comments.

During the last few months I’ve noticed a few blogs that I’ve followed have decided to stop blogging, while a couple have greatly changed their format or subjects.

I have thought about that.  I get that some people lose interest or energy in their blog or need to make a change.  Often we start doing something without knowing where it will lead.

From time to time, we need to step outside of what we’re doing and ask ourselves if this is a path we should continue down.  Does it still fulfill us or serve a purpose?  I’ve always believed in living life intentionally.  The things we do should be done for a purpose.

I’m not perfect and often do things because my life has a certain amount of inertia. I always do somethings: morning tea, checking email, writing a blog on Sunday …

Even this post I’m writing feels a bit like a variation of one of the 860 that have been done before.  Should I give up this post and try for something completely new and different?  Just how many posts like this will my 3,226 followers want to read?

Inertia – Newton’s law.  Things at rest stay at rest.  Things in motion stay in motion, unless acted on by a force.

There are many forces in our lives: family, friends, health, jobs, and our own wants and desires.  Sometimes the course of our life is changed by an outside force.  Sometimes we decide to change or just stop and rest.

As a young man, I often had Sunday lunch with my father where we would talk about stuff.  One time, while I was discussing the possibility of a major career change, he asked me the question, “So this is a time for an agonizing reappraisal?”

Just before I sat down to write this post I asked myself, “Self, is this a time for an agonizing reappraisal of my blogging and writing habits?”

And the answer came to me: “Nah, I like doing this and now is not the time for change.”

So stop by next Sunday when I might write about our adventures with car shopping or perhaps a rewrite of one of those other 861 posts.

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Friday Wisdom – Rich and Poor

My dear old daddy (and he liked being called my dear old daddy) use to say:

“I’ve been rich and I’ve been poor.  I like rich better.”

More wisdom next week.

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Wednesday Gardening – Composter

The garden is still in winter mode, but I’m doing a few bits of infrastructure work.  So far this month I’ve put together two of these composters to make compost.  One is full and this is the new one we’re starting to fill up.

The new rotary composter

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