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Wednesday Working – Bookcase and Cats

Let’s start with cats: I’ve been working on a new bookcase for my office. The woodwork part is done and the glue is drying. Next step is to put some finish on this. I’ll be using a clear lacquer which … Continue reading

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Wednesday Working – Tables

I’ve actually been working on a few things, but nothing that makes a good picture. Think taxes. It’s that time of year and since my retirement funds are self-managed I find that just collecting all the needed 1099s is a … Continue reading

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From the Workshop – Kitty Outhouse

It’s unseasonably warm here. Today it’s expected to all the way up to 63 and the last few days have been in the 50’s. That’s just about warm enough for me to get into the big tool shop and run … Continue reading

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Wednesday Working – Counter tops and Birds

The last week has been warm here in Reno so I’ve had a chance to use my table saw to cut some full sheets of plywood for a bunch of projects. I’d post pictures of me cutting plywood, but that … Continue reading

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