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The Hopi Tow Truck Driver and Tour Guide

This week I continue of our adventures in Arizona.  Last week I told you about our calling for a tow truck. While I was on the phone with the insurance company arranging for the tow, Heather was on her phone … Continue reading

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AAA and Tow Truck that Wouldn’t

Here is the next installment of our road trip adventures.  If you’re keeping score, there are two more posts after this on our adventure.  This post starts on Thursday of the week-long trip after a sleepless night at “the-hotel-which-shall-not-be-named.” By … Continue reading

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Italian Food in the Desert

Once Google safely delivered us to Holbrook Arizona and we checked into our motel, our thoughts turned towards dinner.  The town itself isn’t that big, about 5,000 people, a few streets, the interstate and a number of motels, gas stations, … Continue reading

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Travels with Google

First the confession: I stole the title of this post. Well, sort of.  See when I was writing the list of titles for this series of posts I was just kind of free writing – you know where you shift … Continue reading

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