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Yesterday It was in a gift shop in a back street on Montmartre. I was drawn to it and the single word, “Yesterday” printed on the tiny cardboard box. The little metal handle with the red bead spun a tune … Continue reading

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Play the Fife Lowly

Heather and I often watch reruns of Lawrence Welk shows.  It’s a reminder of older days and the music that was one part of my childhood.  From time to I’ll hear a song that I once played on the piano … Continue reading

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Music leaves a powerful mark on one’s life.  Hearing a song from long ago can remind us of a happy times, a new love, or remind us of what we’ve lost.  Music can inspire or annoy us.  It has the … Continue reading

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Music of My Life

Kris over at the 1951 Club nominated me for a little tag challenge.  The task is to name 16 “Albums that changed your view of Music.” Well, in my youth I never bought music albums.  It wasn’t until CDs came … Continue reading

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