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Movember Poem

Movember Razor scrapes face clean. Towel dries tears. Lip quivers at the memory. Eyes face the past, while throat prepares to cry into the future. A budding soup-strainer starts the conversation. Stubble opens ears. Lips speak of, Motivation, Awareness, Paying-it-forward, … Continue reading

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Supplies Spirit Kitty is seventeen. Her occupation is chasing sunny spots to warm her arthritic bones. Her once shiny sable coat now is sparse over her fragile frame. My workday done, the car turns towards the vet’s office, and medications … Continue reading

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What Price?

What Price? Good friends, good music, good times. Hands holding hands, bodies swaying to the rhythm of promises of night. Dancer’s jubilance fades to a scream as blood erupts from chest, arms, and legs. Nightmare falls as a hundred points … Continue reading

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Version Three

My writing hasn’t been progressing as well as I’d like this month, but I have been thinking more about last month’s poem and now have a version three (the other two are here if you want to compare: Poetry Revision). … Continue reading

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