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Words That Don’t Define Me

Over the years I’ve read a lot of news stories about people with cancer.  I’ve been interested in the adjectives used to describe them.  How we describe people often tells us more about ourselves than the person we’re describing.  When … Continue reading

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What to Say to a Cancer Patient

I had fully planned to write a post for this blog on Wednesday but by mid-week I just couldn’t muster the mental energy.  Today is Sunday and after two days off work and the treatment schedule I’ve finally found the … Continue reading

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Of Giraffes and Furniture Design

Today I start my second week of radiation treatments and I don’t expect much to happen this week.  The only real side effect so far has been a shift to my daily schedule and being a little tired from the … Continue reading

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Arrival – The Treatment

Today I started my treatments.  Not as bad as you’d think but still I’ve got awhile to go.  We (my wife and I) chose to do external beam radiation as the primary treatment and today I finally started what is … Continue reading

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