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Six Years

Six years ago this month I was spending my mornings taking off my pants, putting on a hospital gown and lying beneath the beam of a radiation machine.  26 times I felt the technicians pull me into place.  26 times … Continue reading

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Movember Poem

Movember Razor scrapes face clean. Towel dries tears. Lip quivers at the memory. Eyes face the past, while throat prepares to cry into the future. A budding soup-strainer starts the conversation. Stubble opens ears. Lips speak of, Motivation, Awareness, Paying-it-forward, … Continue reading

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Just Wednesday

Between the rainy cold weather, marching and life in general, I’ve not made it out the shop this last week.  So today is just Wednesday.  The only project I’ve completed is making a list of all my elected representatives with their email … Continue reading

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Cancer Monitoring Team

Every six months I get an email from the “Prostate Cancer Monitoring Team” telling me it’s time for my six month PSA test.  The first few of these created a lot of anxiety.  As life goes on these little emails … Continue reading

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