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Just a quick post tonight.  I’ve been working on two projects in the workshop.  There is nothing like working with your hands to help your mind and spirit.

The fretwork cross project is progressing but it is taking a long time.  It won’t be ready by Easter. It’s about 20% done.  It does take a bit of concentration to do the cutting so I only work on it in for one to two CDs at a time – that is I listen to a sea shanty CD while I am cutting.  So that’s about 45 to 90 minutes per session.  I like to think of it as a mediation.

Current Progress on the fret work cross








The tray project is coming along too.  The marquetry for the two rose trays is glued down.  The next step is sanding and trimming to size.  Heather has made me a pattern for the third tray.

Marquetry tray bottom progress. Needs sanding and trimming to final size.

Sorry, no great philosophy today.  Just a couple of pictures.

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