It’s a day that I should likely not be writing, while the world is building up to the joy of Christmas I am feeling ‘less than joyful.’  Mostly because I found out this last week that a dear friend of mine is going to loss its battle this week.  I feel like I should have done more for my friend, but in the end there was nothing left to do but accept the inevitable.

I saddens me to report that the dental surgeon confirmed that my molar is a lost cause and yanking it out by it’s roots is the best option I have.  Yes, I get the fact that the infection isn’t going to get better and yes the tooth is starting to be annoying.

But, that tooth has been with me for a long time.  I’ve brushed it every night, flossed its gum lines and had it professionally cleaned every six months.  It’s been polished and cavities filled.  The root canal was supposed to save its life.

The first root canal kept it going for 14 years after it’s first crisis.  This last summer when the signs of infection showed up I was hopeful that a second root canal would save it.  But alas, poor tooth, its roots are cracked and the infection is settling deeper and deeper into the bone.

So my tooth is scheduled for removal this week.  The dental surgeon calls this an “extraction” trying make it sound less painful than, “We’re going to take a big pair of pilers, cut it into bits and pull out the pieces one at a time.”  Well, that’s not exactly what he said but I am sure that’s the general procedure.  Just hoping they do the Novocaine shot first.

Yes, I know, I shouldn’t be focusing so much on my tooth but it has really been the overriding experience of the week.  Monday, I saw the endodontist who confirmed the root canal failed.  Tuesday, I went to my regular dentist to get a referral to a surgeon.  Wednesday, the dental surgeon was far too willing to start proceedings against my tooth and I left with a surgical appointment for next week Thursday.

In between worrying about my tooth, I’ve gone to work, had the electrician finish, and managed to get the gum ball kicker toy finished enough to give to Heather to start painting.

What’s really annoying about the tooth is the failure.  In August it seemed like a simple thing, a little infection that needed a root canal and a new crown.  I’ve had that done a few times so no big deal.  But to go through all that time in dental chairs, not to mention the expense, to end up having to pull it out is just plain disappointing.

Well, I could be more dramatic than that but it’s pizza night and the old molar deserves a final tasty meal.

Till next week,

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Born in California Did the school thing studying electronics, computers, release engineering and literary criticism. I worked in the high tech world doing software release engineering and am now retired. Then I got prostate cancer. Now I am a blogger and work in my wood shop doing scroll saw work and marquetry.
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2 Responses to Tooth

  1. gpcox says:

    Weird – when we used to get our teeth “pulled” – it was a cheap visit. Now, that it’s called an “extraction” – it costs a fortune!


    • Andrew says:

      I find it strange how the medical community has so tightly specialized in the last 20 years. So far I’ve had to see three different dentists on this one tooth. “pulling” it was the last resort and all that looked at it were reluctant to just get on with it.

      Now that it is out, I am feeling better – although my jaw does ache a bit.

      Won’t tell how much this has cost me so far. But let’s just say that new band saw I’ve been wanting has been delayed a good six months.


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