Camp Gran, Story Writing Time

I still don’t completely understand how it started, but sometime yesterday Gran and the kids started to figure out how to pronounce our names when spelled backwards.  For example, Gran becomes Narg and Andrew becomes Werdna.  Then there was a Eidorb, Narf, Nadia, Nived, and Eigna.  At some point durning the fun someone suggested that the names sound a little medieval with a hint of Middle Earth.

So naturally I asked what kind of characters each name is.  This is the list we came up with:

Nived, a prince of Adirolf.
Nadia, a prince.
Eidorb, a dwarf.
Eigna – The Evil Queen Eigna.
Narf – a hunchbacked household servant.
Narg – another hunchbacked household servant.
Werdna – sorcerer of wisdom.

Well, at least I ended up with a good role in the story.  I did try to get a story line going out of all this, but the attempt largely broke down into silliness or one brother getting revenge on their evil brother.  I only succeeded in getting one kid to write down any story.  Here is what he wrote:

“Once upon a time, in a kingdom far, far away, lived two greedy, vain princes.  Each eagerly tried to make their life better than others, and their two servants, Narg and Narf, found it hard to pursue happiness.  One of the princes, Nevid, was always ordering Narg to do his chores and the other prince, Nadia was lazily commanding Narf to get him ready for the day ahead.

However, one day a sorcerer named Werdna noticed on his crystal ball how rudely the servants were being treated.  Then he sent a curse to the two princes.”

*Reprinted with permission. Note this is an incomplete version.  A longer version is in the works.

So does that count as “flash fiction?” It was written in a flash.  I am not sure I could do better, but as the resident blogger I have been asked to write a story myself.  Well, not exactly directly asked, but rather it’s been strongly hinted that I could, since I am a blogger.

I’ll be doing a little recasting of the characters to fit my view of the world of Reknem.


Once a long time ago in the kingdom of Reknem, there lived a wise sorcerer, Werdna.  He was very wise and people from all over the world came to consult with him.  Werdna would listen to everyone and taught many people how to cook pizza.  While he was kindly and wise, he couldn’t remember anyone’s name so he just called everyone Egroeg, which caused great confusion.

On day the young prince Nadia, called on Werdna to ask about getting his named changed to something easier to spell.  The sorcerer thought about this for a long time and said, “I once knew a boy named Sue and he did just fine except that he got into fights all the time.  Egroeg, I think you should just keep your name the way it is and go on a quest.  Yes, you need a long quest with lots of adventures to forget about spelling.”

“A quest?  What kind of quest?  I should clean my room or do my homework?” Asked the prince.

“Oh no, my brave young Prince Egroeg.  I have seen in my crystal ball that the evil queen Eigna has captured the cheese maker Narg and is holding her captive in her tower. You must rally your troops and rescue Narg or we will not have any cheese for pizza on Sunday.”

Nadia was shocked and horrified at the possibility that there would be no more pizza.  He ran back to his castle and called his knight Nived and the brave dwarf Eidorb.  The three made their plan to recuse Narg.  When the plan was just right they called their faithful servant Narf and told her to gather all the supplies they’d need for the journey.

Early in the morning of a moonless night, the four adventurers set out on their quest to rescue the cheese maker and return pizza to its rightful place on Sunday night dinner tables.

On the third day they stopped at the edge of a forest and Nived said, “Look I think that is the Evil Queen’s castle.”

“Why do you think it’s Queen Eigna’s castle?” Asked Eidorb.

“Well, my first clue is that big sign over there that says, Welcome to Einga’s Castle,” Replied Nived.

Nadia thought about for a long time and said, “I think I smell pizza. Let’s go.”

They quietly walked up the base of the highest tower where Nived took out a long rope and Nadia tied to his spear.  Then Eidorb threw the spear with all his might and it stuck into the roof just above the window where they thought Narg might be.

Then Nadia said, “Narf climb up the rope and rescue Narg.”

“What?” Cried Narf, “You’re the brave prince on a quest, I am not climbing up a rope into an evil queen’s castle.  Do it yourself!”

So Nadia gathered his courage and said, “Okay, Nived, you go.”

Then Nived said, “Wouldn’t be easier to take the elevator?” As he pointed to the metal doors at the base of the tower.  They all agreed and Eidorb pressed the call button.

When the elevator doors opened at the top; the four adventurers stepped out and saw that the room was empty expect for a big refrigerator in the center.  Under a magnet on the refrigerator was a note.

“Got tired of waiting to be rescued, so I escaped on my own.  Plenty of cheese in the fridge, help yourself. Love, Narg.”

They filled their bags with cheese and took the elevator down and started walking home.  All the time they could hear Nadia say quietly, “N – a – d – i – a, N – a – d – i – a, N – a – d – i – a”

“Why do you keep saying that?” Asked Nived.

“Just practicing spelling my name, it’s easier than going on quests,” replied Nadia between bites of cheese.


Well there you have it, my flash fiction for the week.  I should note that this story was enthusiastically approved by two kids and a Gran. I would have written a longer story, but the pizza was ready.

Now it’s your turn, spell your family’s names backwards, decide what kind of characters they are, and write a story about it.

Till next week,

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21 Responses to Camp Gran, Story Writing Time

  1. artseafartsea says:

    Delightful! Loved the stories.


  2. How cute! What fun they are! Nice job determining the role of those names, too.


  3. Your camp is awesome!!


  4. Approved by us, too. Now I’m working on my brood: Nhoj, nahtan, another Werdna – I’m in trouble with the full version of my own name, but the familiar Derf works quite well…Kcirederf? No!


  5. LuAnn says:

    What a great family exercise! Love the story!


  6. I’m not sure, but it sounds like you’re having as much fun as the grandkids. Well done on the story!


  7. It was nice..maybe I’ll try this to my kids and hone their imagination when I went home for vacation. I heard from my wife that my kids wrote a story in English, not our native tongue. Thanks for sharing this.


  8. Wait – will you be in the shop if we need you?

    Great story and impressive excerpt, as well! Can we have some illustrations?
    Hey you kids – we want pictures, we want pictures, we want serutcip!

    The ability to turn a phrase seems to run in your family.

    P.S. I’ll try to write a little story about the rotten old Neirbo family tomorrow.


  9. George says:

    Great idea and a fun thing to do with family. I’ll have to give it a try.


  10. Chris White says:

    Genius Werdna. Pure genius.


  11. davidprosser says:

    Aren’t I lucky that David becomes Divad so not too difficult for me. Lovbe both the flash fictions, it sounds like you have a good young storyteller on your hands Wizard Werdna.


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