Grand Edits with Dennis Lynch: Revising Life after Military Service

Stacy over at Revisions of Grandeur has posted a great piece about one of our veterans. It’s an outstanding post. Take a moment to check it out.


When Dennis Lynch enlisted in the Marines in 1963, it was more a lack of options than a valiant effort to serve and protect his country.

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3 Responses to Grand Edits with Dennis Lynch: Revising Life after Military Service

  1. Allan G. Smorra says:

    Thanks for sharing this post, Andrew. I found it to be quite inspiring.


  2. lorieb says:

    thanks for sharing this Andrew, as i commented on her post, too bad our kids are not made to read these types of stories in school instead of stuff like Shakespeare etc…

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  3. The military–maybe especially the Marines–does a great job helping youth grow up. They pay attention to everything–loans, relationships, wills, daily life–not just what is done 8-5 on the job. Traditional employers could take a lesson from them.

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