Wednesday – Quilting

Here it is “my” quilt:

Quilt from a men's quilting class I took.

Quilt from a men’s quilting class I took.

Well, mostly my quilt.  This is a quilt I started about ten years ago as part of a men’s quilting class.  I picked the fabric and sewed most of the blocks and then like so many projects this one got put in a box and stuck on a shelf.  It’s been in Heather’s sewing room for years and last month she decided to finish it for me.  She added a few blocks, the boarders, back and did the quilting.

There’s a bit of a story here.

Heather was taking this beginning quilting class at a local fabric shop and made this quilt:

Heather made this quilt at a quilting class.

Heather made this quilt at a quilting class.

Now I’ve always been interested in quilting.  I am Heather’s color consultant. When she’s in the design phase of a project I help with color choice and offer feedback on her design.  We often go to fabric shops together to pick fabric and I love going to a quilt show. Then she makes the quilt.

I’ve always been interested in sewing, but have never taken the time to learn.  When Heather was taking her class, I made a few remarks about, “There should be a quilting class for men.”  You’d think I ‘d learn to keep my mouth shut.  Well, the shop owners went with it and the quilting instructor offer the class to a group of about five of us men. It was a great class. Sadly, at the time I was in the last year at the university so I didn’t have the time to finish.

I am grateful that Heather discovered this one and decided to take the time to finish it for me.

And for the record, I am man enough to use a sewing machine.  Quilting is certainly something I’d like to do, but with a full-time job, my writing and my woodworking I have to choose and for the moment I satisfy my quilting urges by helping Heather from time to time and the odd trip to the fabric shop.

Perhaps when I retire I’ll have the time to take another class and will work a deal with Heather to use one of her sewing machines.

If you need me – I’ll be in the shop.

About Andrew Reynolds

Born in California Did the school thing studying electronics, computers, release engineering and literary criticism. I worked in the high tech world doing software release engineering and am now retired. Then I got prostate cancer. Now I am a blogger and work in my wood shop doing scroll saw work and marquetry.
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45 Responses to Wednesday – Quilting

  1. Love your quilt. My husband is my color consultant and my biggest critic. I count on him for his brutal honesty(at times), I have incorporated some of his intarsia patterns into quilts. They go hand in hand. Find time to do something fun everyday. Retirement is great, and as busy as working, but with more fun and less stressful projects.


  2. Nitin says:

    This is fabulous work.. Really amazing..


  3. If we need you, you’ll be in the shop. Now is that the wood shop or the fabric shop? Some day it could be the latter. Men’s quilting class–who knew?


  4. kim says:

    You are a man of many talents Andrew – an inspiration to us all. Quilting is something I’ve never done myself, but it’s on my (long) list of things to learn… someday 🙂


  5. Jo says:

    Love your colors, esp. the blue and yellow. Keep quilting, it goes with your marquetry. Jo @ Let’s Face the Music


  6. nimi naren says:

    Loved both the quilts and your passion for quilting.


  7. pommepal says:

    Very well done, a combined effort, love the colour scheme.


  8. Very nice! I have known many men who sew quite well. Good for you 😀


  9. PiedType says:

    Beautiful quilts! And a men’s quilting class is a great idea. Don’t think I’d have the patience to finish a quilt, but greatly admire the work that others do.


  10. Men have evolved, Andrew. Now they do most of what used to be ‘secretary’ skills are are some of the best typists I know. Why not quilt too?


  11. George says:

    You’re a man of many talents, Andrew…:)


  12. Nurse Kelly says:

    You sure are multi-talented! They are beautiful!


  13. Both quilts are quite nice! My mother made quilts – all by hand – and I have some of her beautiful art work. Quilts are truly a treasure.


  14. jfwknifton says:

    It may not be the right thing to say here in Europe at the moment, but Islamic patterns would lend themselves very well to quilting because they are not allowed to use three dimensions in anything they create, only mosaic type patterns. Andrew Petcher’s blog has a lot of what I mean, in his section on Morocco. That is a really nice quilt you have done there, by the way!


    • The quilt does use a lot of geometric patterns as they are easy to cut and sew. Islamic art does focus on geometric patterns. Some very beautiful. Traditional American quilts have lots of simple patterns. Today there are large number of “fabric artists” extending the bounds of art in quilting.


  15. davidprosser says:

    Quilting is one of those strangely American pastimes that I never quite understood. Looking at your handiwork I think I now understand a little more. Nice work Andrew.


  16. artseafartsea says:

    You are a multi-talented guy. The quilts are beautiful. I remember my grandmother getting together with her friends and quilting. Seemed like they were having a lot of fun.


  17. Paul J. Stam says:

    Looks good Andrew. My wife used to do quilting and I did woodworking. After building our boat it was an easy thing for me to fall back on. Now I do ceramics and painting. The tools are less dangerous. Have a great one and Aloha – pjs/


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