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Wednesday Working – Jericho Block

The weather hasn’t gotten any warmer here. In fact we had seven inches of snow last Saturday, so I’m still 100% indoors working on the labyrinth quilt. The quilt has just two types of blocks and yesterday I managed to … Continue reading

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Wednesday Working – Starting Labyrinth Quilt

The weather here has still been not so good so we’re still doing indoor activities. Last week Heather and I attended a quilting class at the local sewing center and now we’re working on our quilts. The class is a … Continue reading

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Wednesday Working – First Quilting

The bad weather has kept us indoors so I’ve been doing quilting and writing. On the writing front I’m preparing a couple of batches poems to submit. I’m focusing on a few of literary magazines as well as a number … Continue reading

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As The Pizza Cooks – Episode 11

This has been a more interesting week than I wanted.  On Wednesday they shutdown the electricity to my house to replace the neighborhood transformer.  When the power came back on I found that one of my central heater’s thermostats had … Continue reading

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