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Discussions of the different lenses though which we view a text.


I was recently reminded of one of the pages I have on this blog titled, “Intertextual Andrew.” This is a long-term project that I add to from time to time. Not as often as I’d intended, but things do find … Continue reading

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More Meanings

This week I still have the meaning of things on my brain.  Partly because I am still reading Graham’s book on intertextuality, so naturally I got thinking about the word, ‘meaning’ and wondered what it means. Seriously, what is meaning?  … Continue reading

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What Does it All Mean?

Last week I started reading a new book and this line caught my eye, “The dictionary is where language goes to die.”  The book is Intertextuality (The New Critical Idiom) by Allen Graham.  I bought it for a little light … Continue reading

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Just Reading Stuff

There are a million things running through my mind today.  Some I’d like to write about and other best forgotten.  The problem is focus.  I am still working on a number of projects but none has reached a stage where … Continue reading

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