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Editor Note: I wrote the follow for the monthly writers group at the church. Each month we’re given a prompt to write about. This month the prompt is, “hybrid,” which caused me to write the following note to the group: … Continue reading

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Friday Wisdom – Banks

I went to the bank today so naturally you get banking jokes: My father told me to save until my bank balance looks like a telephone number. I now have $9.11 (that would be £9.99 for you UK bunch). It … Continue reading

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Persistence of Vision

Persistence of Vision … … is the effect where the visual perception of an object continues for some time after the light rays from the object have stoped entering your eyes. Try this: Look an object for a minute.  Stare, … Continue reading

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Christmas Lights

I’d like to say that I just sit down at the keyboard and bang these posts out in 20 minutes.  I don’t, but I’d like to be able to say that the words just flow from my brain to my … Continue reading

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