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Six Years

Six years ago this month I was spending my mornings taking off my pants, putting on a hospital gown and lying beneath the beam of a radiation machine.  26 times I felt the technicians pull me into place.  26 times … Continue reading

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The Lessons of Water Wheel Falls

http://www.reluctanthiker.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/TheLessonsofWaterwheelFalls.mp3 Teacher, Watcher, Carer, Defender, Friend, Mother of the twelve year-old boy. Teacher says “Boots tie like this Hoist the pack like this Sleeping bag here, food there, jacket on top Now, take the map and the lesson taught And … Continue reading

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Two Years

It’s been two years.  Two years since that journey started.  Two years since that call – since… Since the dreaded word, prostate cancer. The journey to here hasn’t been easy but it hasn’t been as difficult as some cancer victims … Continue reading

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Of Kites and Grave Sites

As a child I remember March as the windy month.  It was the transition between the rainy California winter and the sun of summer.  It also meant, flying kites.  Mother would take me to the store and she buy me a … Continue reading

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