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Father’s Day

Since this is Father’s Day, I’m a seeing a number of “Father’s Day Posts” happening.  You may have noticed on your FaceBook feed a number of pictures of people’s fathers.  Some are the, “I’m missing you” since you died. While … Continue reading

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Rainy Sunday

Or do I just listen to The Sound of Silence until inspiration appears and right words form on this page? or shall I just remember the horrible weekend and see where it leads? I remember two decades ago, when I … Continue reading

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September 2001

It’s a time I’ll never forget.  My life and the world changed.  It was also the only time I’ve ever worn a sword in public.  Seriously, a real renaissance style blade.  It matched my pumpkin pants and hat with the … Continue reading

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The Memorial Day Post

My father served in WWII as a radar technician in the Army Coast Artillery Corps.  He didn’t see combat and did nothing heroic.  He spent three years siting on a rock in the Aleutian Islands polishing his radar set and … Continue reading

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