Haul Away Boys

Warning – I feel like singing this morning.

This morning the sun is shining and it looks like a breeze is lifting from the south-west.  Time to hoist your sails.  Hoist the topsail, man the capstan – can’t you men pull?  Can’t you men sing?  Shanty man strike a song.  Pull with a will boys and we’ll be outward bound.

There is nothing like singing a good sea shanty to start the day.  It be me favorite kind o music – true music of the yer workin’ Jack Tar.  There be nothing like a crew pullin’ at the ropes and singin’ with gusto.

I hear the call of the sea.  Of journeys to far a way lands.  Of treasures.  Of adventure.  And from deep in my belly a song burst through my lips and shatters the quite of dawn.

Yes – my favorite music is sea shanties from the golden age of sail.  Sadly I would have been a sea-sick sailor but you can’t beat the music of the ship.

I’ll be posting more about my love of the working songs of the sailor but here are a couple of links if you want – need to know more now.

This is an okay summary – I’ll do a better description later.


This site has some good stuff:


And here are the lyric to one of my favorite pumping songs – great bass notes to hit on this one:


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