From the Second Age

Within the walls of the House of the Silver Door[1] lives an artist[2] and a dreamer[3].  Within the mind of the dreamer lives an ancient creative people, who fought against the forces of the legalists.  The legalists waged a bitter war to remove colors from the world and make all things either right or wrong and to end creativity for all time.  The words that follow come from the great chronicle of the second age that was recently discovered under the floorboards of the Grat Harbormaster’s office.

Frompt (from pt) n.  a large earthen vessel used for the storage and fermenting of grat.  [< a slang shorting of the phase, ‘from the pot.’ Originally used by artists but eventually adopted by the healing classes as well].  We will need a new frompt to make a grative unction.

grat  (gr at) n  1. a kind of seaweed noted for its medicinal qualities.  2. The ocean near where grat is cultivated.  [< a code word used in the second age for ‘seaweed of the greater harbor.’  ]  We need to harvest the grat soon to make new medicine.
grative ( gr a tive) adj characterized by healing and soothing properties [< derived from grat ] It is a  grative broth.
mororl  (mor orl) n   1. moon rover lander, a vehicle capable of landing and traveling on the moon’s surface. [< from the fourth age acronym]  The mororl will touchdown on Saturday at the moon base and we’ll ride it to the crater on Sunday for our picnic.

obstomptive (ob stomp tive) adj having the power of stubbornness. [< from obstinate and stomp – to stomp one’s foot while being obstinate] His obstromptive refusal to eat broccoli was quite a display.
sprechterless (spr ech ter less) adj  wonderful and  exciting. [< from the second battle of Grat Harbor when Prince Duran’s army forgot to bring their sprechters to the battle and allowing the rebelling artist forces to defeat the legalist army]  We have to come up with five new words – how sprechterless!
sprechter (spr ech ter less)  n  1. a large sausage shaped cannon used during the second battle of Grat harbor during the third age.  2. a lawyer – particularly one with a loud voice. [< unk.  Thought to be derived from sphincter]  The spechter fired on the harbor.  I hired a spechter to sue my neighbor.

[1] House of the Silver Door – My house which has a carved wooden door that is painted silver.  J

[2] My wife.

[3] Me.

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Born in California Did the school thing studying electronics, computers, release engineering and literary criticism. I worked in the high tech world doing software release engineering and am now retired. Then I got prostate cancer. Now I am a blogger and work in my wood shop doing scroll saw work and marquetry.
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