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Friday Music – More Shallow Brown

One of my more popular posts is this on my favorite sea shanty, Shallow Brown. Well, since I wrote that post a couple of years ago, more versions of the song have been posted to YouTube.  This week a reader … Continue reading

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Shallow Brown – My Favorite Sea Shanty

Well, I sat down this afternoon to try to write this really great post about how I am going to change my career and become a starving artist.  Sadly after several hours of writing I was left with no conclusion … Continue reading

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Not Christmas Yet

Today I am writing because that is what I do on a Sunday afternoon – to maintain the discipline.  I spent the 30 seconds between putting down my tea cup and opening an editor on my computer contemplating the wisdom … Continue reading

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Haul Away Boys

Warning – I feel like singing this morning. This morning the sun is shining and it looks like a breeze is lifting from the south-west.  Time to hoist your sails.  Hoist the topsail, man the capstan – can’t you men … Continue reading

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