Not Christmas Yet

Today I am writing because that is what I do on a Sunday afternoon – to maintain the discipline.  I spent the 30 seconds between putting down my tea cup and opening an editor on my computer contemplating the wisdom I am about to impart.  I’ve done the calculations and have concluded the following:

This year Thanksgiving was on the earliest possible date it can theoretically be.

Yes, Thanksgiving is always the fourth Thursday of the month and this year November 1st was a Thursday giving us five Thursdays in the month, putting Thanksgiving on the 22nd – the earliest it can possibly be.

Okay, I’ll admit that I really just looked that up on with a google search but the fact is the same this is an early Thanksgiving and it’s got my Christmas clock all screwed up.  I love Christmas music and like to look at decorations but a little goes a long way so my personal rule has always been to wait until Thanksgiving weekend to start with the Christmas stuff.

But, on the 22nd of November?  Please, that is pushing me a little too far.

Now don’t put me in the Scrooge category, but a little Christmas cheer is delightful while a lot of Christmas cheer will push me to the surly side of life.  Two choruses of “Here Comes Santa Claus” is fun but by the 20th time I start to have violent thoughts about the CD player.  Which is actually kind of strange because I’ve been known to listen to the same sea shanty CD in my car for six months without changing it.

Hum, need to think about that… Maybe if “Here Comes Santa Claus” was rewritten as a call and response shanty – you know something to pull heavy ropes to I’d have a better attitude towards the song.

Heather has agreed that it just feels too early for Christmas stuff so we’re waiting another weekend before we put any Christmas music on the CD, or start watching our Christmas movies.  Plus we’ve delayed the annual decorating of the house until latter in the week when Heather’s son will be visiting – he loves Christmas and is still willing to do the heavy lifting – well basically he does the decorating while I sit around saying things like, “Good job,” “Want another drink?” or “A little to the left.”  I am dead useful when it comes to decorating.

This last week, while avoiding Christmas we had a nice Thanksgiving diner at a restaurant with my family.  I have some mixed feelings about going out to eat on Thanksgiving day.  I do dislike all the work you have to do to fix a Thanksgiving meal but I do miss being in our home with family. Still we had a nice time and the only work I had to do was signing the check.  Maybe next year I’ll do the cooking so we can all have a nice day in our home.

The laughing you hear is Heather reading that last line. (After reading this Heather wrote the following in her edits of this post, “I want the cleanup done by hubbie).

Also on the Christmas avoidance plan was seeing a movie – at a real movie theater. Heather and I love to go to the movies but seems like we only make one or two a year.  This time we made the effort to see, “Lincoln.”  It was a great film and I recommend you go see it.  It gives the best interpretation of Lincoln that I’ve ever seen and rather than cramming his whole life into two hours the film just focuses on one event – the passage of the 13th amendment in the House of Representatives.

This is going to be a clock.


The parts left to cut on the clock.


Two more birds. We have five now.


That block of week I showed last week is a puzzle box. As soon as I figure out how to put it back together I’ll wrap it up.



With all the thinking of delaying Christmas, I’ve been spending a lot of time in my workshop making Christmas presents.  My goal this last week has been to get enough stuff made to keep Heather busy in her paint shop.  I’ve included a few pictures at the end of this post of works in progress.

If I really thought out why I’d like to delay Christmas it might really be because I am so far behind on my building.  There are two deadlines for finishing. The 25th and the last day to mail.  Half of the grandkids are on the other coast, while the other half we’ll be seeing for Christmas.  Still it’s going to be a challenge and some of the gifts are getting a bit smaller and less detailed.

No matter how it works out I’ve been enjoying the work and have been finding myself spending more time thinking about how I am going to make a part, than what I am going to write in this blog.

As I complete gifts perhaps I’ll spend a little more time thinking about my writing.  Who knows, next week I might spend a full minute thinking about what I am going to write.


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