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The Memorial Day Post

My father served in WWII as a radar technician in the Army Coast Artillery Corps.  He didn’t see combat and did nothing heroic.  He spent three years siting on a rock in the Aleutian Islands polishing his radar set and … Continue reading

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Writer’s Block or Why I Didn’t Write Today

If you read writing blogs or how to books on writing, you’ll very quickly come across the basic topic of, “Writer’s block.”  Yes that sinister soul sucking malady that terrorizes all writers and drives many from their keyboards to fill … Continue reading

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My Mother’s Day Post

Mountains.  Distant mountains rising above the valley.  Some blue-green touching the sky and some golden-brown thrusting the land up to heaven.  They feed our spirit and renew our faith. My mother loved the mountains – any mountains, all mountains.  She … Continue reading

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Wild Bill

I call him “Wild Bill.”  Most of the family refers to him as, “Billy”  His friends call him Bill. He calls me when he’s broke. Yes, my older brother, the guy I’ve mentioned before.  He’s often on my mind, more … Continue reading

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