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Wednesday Woodworking – helping the electician

With all the work going on at the house, it’s a little difficult to get any woodworking done.  My outside shop is filled with the new kitchen appliances and my table saw is trapped between the new stove and the … Continue reading

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The Wettest Drought

It’s been a tough couple of weeks but there are now signs of it getting better.  My arm finally feels like it is on the mend and the electrician is nearly done drilling holes in my house. He’s also a … Continue reading

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Wednesday Woodworking On Friday

Life’s been crazy in this house so Wednesday got postponed till today.  We have finally gotten to the point where we’re beginning to see real progress on the remodel and getting some of the big-ticket items done.  I did a … Continue reading

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It’s been a stressful week here at the remodel. As feared schedules are behind, more things had to be moved and the tendonitis in my arm isn’t any better making typing a journey into pain. The roof is cut open … Continue reading

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