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Wednesday Poetry – Tendonitis

Tendonitis Just an inflammation of the imagination. As the brain works and muse inspires, the tendon feels every letter. Every thought turned to pain. Arm burns with creativity. Mind’s clear thoughts brought to painful birth as muscle and tendons move … Continue reading

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I am not sure when I lost the knowledge in my brain, but I can no longer tell you which finger I use to press the ‘a’ key on my keyboard.  I think I used all of my fingers, including … Continue reading

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It’s been a stressful week here at the remodel. As feared schedules are behind, more things had to be moved and the tendonitis in my arm isn’t any better making typing a journey into pain. The roof is cut open … Continue reading

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Lifting Toast

I finally went and saw the doctor.  I told her I was suffering from remodeling.  Turns out there aren’t many treatments and very little medical research on the condition even though millions of people suffer from it every year.  My … Continue reading

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