Weekly Outing and Room Progress

Last Friday for our weekly outing, Heather and I did a tour of the local quilt, fabric, and art stores to see what our local resources are and to just get a little inspiration going.  I didn’t take pictures of the places we went, but we found three great places we’ll be going back to.

And there was the stop at Starbucks for a fancy overpriced flavored coffee and chocolate croissant.

While we were out we did buy a few things:

Some of our purchases. Some fabric for a curtain, a table runner kit for me to do and Heather found a cool rug project.  Not pictured are some pens and things we got at the art store.

The quilt shop we liked best is a place called, “Going Batty.” The car GPS didn’t get the address exactly right but we liked the place and each of us found a project to take home.

Yes, I am going to be doing some quilting.  I took a class years (decade) ago and liked it but haven’t had the time.  Over the years, I have helped Heather with design and picking fabrics for her projects (I love buying the part) and now it’s time for me to get going.

Here’s the progress in my room:

The less messy side of the room. My computer setup in the right corner, the beginnings of my sewing area on the left and all the books in the middle.

A closer view of my desk with the exercise bike just peeking out on the right.

The sewing machine is Heather’s large machine that she does free motion quilting on.  She thinks that because of my experience with scroll saw work that I’ll be a natural at free motion quilting work.  The members of my woodworking club have often commented on how aspects of scroll sawing and sewing are similar.  I have noted that sewers who come to the scroll saw seem to pick it up faster than most.  So Heather is loaning me her machine for awhile.  If I really like it, we might buy me a machine or it just might become mine if I do free motion better than her.

There’s still a lot to do in my room.  My computer setup is fine, but if I’m going to quilt, I’ll need some more stuff in there – cutting table, storage, lights, etc.

I’ll skip talking about the wood shop as all that gear is still in boxes and it will be another week or two before I can get working on that.

I snuck a picture of Heather’s room for you:

Here is where Heather does her fabric magic.

Heathers room showing her desk, cutting table and bookcase. She’s already working on stuff.

Heather has two sewing machines, the smaller one that she uses for most sewing projects and piecing quilt tops she setup in her room along with a cutting table and most of the supply storage.  Since she has a better idea of what she’ll be doing, her room is more complete.

And finally here are two project kits that I’ll be working on:

The Bento Box pattern I’ve had for years and the one on the right is a table runner. This is a version of the classic log cabin pattern.

Heather will help me with the basic sewing and how to do things like wind a bobbin, but these are the projects I’ll be working on.  I thought it best to just start with a kit that includes the pattern and fabrics.  If I make it through these and like it, I’ll likely branch out in to designing and seeing if Heather is right that I’ll be a natural at quilting.

It’s been hot out here so I haven’t been working on the wood shop too much as I don’t have A/C setup in either area I’ll be using for my woodwork, but they tell me that September should be a good month to get that all done.

More next week.

About Andrew Reynolds

Born in California Did the school thing studying electronics, computers, release engineering and literary criticism. I worked in the high tech world doing software release engineering and am now retired. Then I got prostate cancer. Now I am a blogger and work in my wood shop doing scroll saw work and marquetry.
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35 Responses to Weekly Outing and Room Progress

  1. Amazing article. I would love to read more. Keep posting.

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  2. Wow, your new digs look wonderful! I’m sure you’ll enjoy having space enough for all your hobbies. I’ve done a lot of sewing (mainly clothing/tailoring and draperies/upholstery) and a bit of quilting.
    Taking up quilting seriously is on my “maybe someday” list, so I’ll look forward to reports on your quilting adventures! If you can do it, maybe I can, too. 🙂

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  3. inese says:

    You have settled in well, and both rooms look very well organised and ready for your new projects.

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  4. Hey, you are making good progress and finding some interesting projects to work on at the same time. The crafting/work/hobby rooms look great (but hers does look more inviting than yours – sorry).

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  5. You two are so crafty. I’m so impressed, especially as I am not crafty at all. The rooms are so big and are coming along nicely!

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  6. Christi says:

    I love her room, it just screams “come in and make something!” Very inviting!
    That machine looks impressive… and a wee bit intimidating. Have fun with your project!

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  7. Lakshmi Bhat says:

    I loved to read about you and Heather and your rooms are so beautiful.. I have been reading about quilting, I don’t know much about it because we don’t need quilts here. But I would like to learn about it. Maybe YouTube will help:)

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  8. Teressa says:

    Your weekly outing sounds fun!! And each of your spaces look great. Kits are a great idea to really get going on basic piecing skills. Bento box patterns always catch my eye but I haven’t done one yet. Love the variation of a log cabin block for the table runner. Enjoy!

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  9. Sounds like you’re really getting settled into home and the new community. I love Heather’s bright yellow walls–they are so warm and welcoming. That’s a room that will be hard to leave, as yours will be too, I imagine.

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  10. Everything looks so spacious and friendly. The jellyroll rug, what they used to call braided rugs. I’ve made several of those.

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    • When we first saw the package in the shop I thought it was just a kit for doing a braided rug. I’ve always wanted to try and make one, but this is a bit different and some of the samples in the shop were very interesting. Heather really like them and wanted to give it a try.

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  11. Ray V. says:

    Retirement seems to be working for y’all. Enjoy.

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  12. jfwknifton says:

    The rooms look absolutely great ! And I see at least one swivel chair, a must for those moments when you’re waiting for inspiration to come.

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  13. I have also done lots of sewing projects in my life, Andrew. I love applique and I’m good at embroidery too. I haven’t done any for a long time now as I have limited time so prefer writing and fondant art. I love your ideas and look forward to seeing them progress.

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  14. Windwhistle says:

    Ah, quilting. I’m a huge fan of any quilting that goes on the wall. Didn’t know it until the summer I wandered into a quilt shop in Snowmass Village, Colo. I was smitten.

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  15. Sue says:

    I love that you and your wife each have your own creative space. I’ve always admired quilters. It’s a true art form. Thanks for sharing your photos 😊

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  16. Loved the arrangement

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