Friday Wisdom – Procrastination

Never put off till tomorrow what can be avoided altogether.

The next meeting of the National Procrastination Society will be held tomorrow.

I have a lot to share about procrastination – someday I’ll post it.

Work fascinates me – I can look at it for hours.

The greatest labor saving device for today is tomorrow.

My father said I wouldn’t amount to anything because I procrastinate.  I said, “Just you wait.”

It’s said that the early bird always gets the worm, but from the worm’s perspective, being late is a life saver.

If the boss wanted it today, he should have asked for it today.

About Andrew Reynolds

Born in California Did the school thing studying electronics, computers, release engineering and literary criticism. I worked in the high tech world doing software release engineering and am now retired. Then I got prostate cancer. Now I am a blogger and work in my wood shop doing scroll saw work and marquetry.
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11 Responses to Friday Wisdom – Procrastination

  1. Baydreamer says:

    These are great! Love the worm’s perspective. 🙂

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  2. Brilliant! I am the antidote of a procrastinator. Is there more to share or was that part of the “pun”?

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  3. I have a comment on this, but I’ll write it later.

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  4. jfwknifton says:

    It’s not quite procrastination, but it’s in the same area. A friend of mine used to say that “No problem is too big to be run away from”. And she was right!

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  5. Debra says:

    Thank you for providing clever cover for me. Next time I need a good excuse to explain why a job isn’t done, I’ll trot one of these out. They work for me!

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  6. Ha! Good ones. I’ll be back later with a clever comment. 😉

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