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This will be 986th blog post.  Just 14 more to get to 1,000.  If I keep to my normal posting schedule I should get to that post just about the same week as the 10th anniversary of this blog.  Somehow I’ve managed to amass 3,694 followers and what’s more important to me is that there have been 18,194 comments on my posts.

Okay, okay, half of those are mine.  I try to reply to every comment made here.  Sometimes I don’t say much, but actual comments are the most valuable thing to me.  Likes are nice, but it’s even better when I get a real comment.

It’s really the community of bloggers that keeps me writing here.  There are times I think I’ve run out of things to write about and often struggle with what to write about.  From time to time I think it’s time to give up and move onto other things.

But then, I read something or something pops into my head and it ends up here.

Kind of like today.  I don’t really have anything important to say, but was amazed when I checked out my blog stats – never thought I’d still be doing this after all this time.

Now the next logical thing would be to write about the future of this blog.  I have no idea where I’m going.  I’ve considered being more disciplined about this – you know actual editorial calendars, themes, working to attract more followers, maybe add that podcast, etc.

I could.

Likely I won’t and I’ll just keep doing whatever it is I do here.

The only thing I will say is that I am planning on having a 1,000th post – even if it’s just another, “I don’t have anything to say,” post.

Kind of like this post …

About Andrew Reynolds

Born in California Did the school thing studying electronics, computers, release engineering and literary criticism. I worked in the high tech world doing software release engineering and am now retired. Then I got prostate cancer. Now I am a blogger and work in my wood shop doing scroll saw work and marquetry.
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  1. And I believe that one day someone will realise that this blogging caper is good for the soul.

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  2. Marry Bogo says:

    Wow!!Heartiest Congratulations sir. That’s an enormous work reaching 1000th post.
    I hv written jst 2 blogs, I’m just a beginner.

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  3. Amazing accomplishment! I’ve had my blog for nearly ten years and I barely have 200 posts and less than 1000 followers. I’m jealous.

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  4. A thousand posts, wow! Congratulations! This is my tenth year of blogging, too, and I’m sneaking up on my 500th post. Some of us are slower than others… 🙂

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  5. Hearty congratulations on the success of your blog. I return because your voice is entertaining and unique. As for future–I see quilting posts in the future, instead of shop ones.

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  6. floridaborne says:

    That 1000th blog will happen before you know it.

    I’ve echoed your words before, ” Likes are nice, but it’s even better when I get a real comment.”

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  7. Gargi Mehra says:

    Congratulations in advance! A 1000th post is a huge achievement!

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  8. Baydreamer says:

    Congrats, Andrew! Even when you have nothing to say, your posts are always enjoyable and entertaining. I’ve already hit 10 years with 835 posts, so you’re ahead in that aspect. 🙂 A couple of years ago, I thought the end had come. But then with the pandemic, I was inspired and looked forward to the blogging connections. Just go with it and see where it lands!

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  9. Franknbean says:

    A hardy thanks for providing some calm and humor to my regular blog reading.

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  10. Dave says:

    Congratulations, Andrew! That’s quite a bit of writing. I hope you’ll dive into the next 1,000 with the same wit and words that brought me here in the first place. Really enjoy being a part of your community and following your various endeavors.

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  11. Christi says:

    Congratulations, Andrew. Your stats are well deserved, you earned them!

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  12. We’ve all been in the “I have nothing to write” mode, but we keep on keeping on. Yes, even for 10 years or more. My 11th blog-aversary will occur this summer and I am still amazed that I’ve been writing here for so long. Like you, the comments are what keep me going. I try to answer each one as well because I want to express how much I appreciate that a reader took time to let me know they read my post and it touched them in some way. I agree that likes are nice and it’s great to have so may followers but it’s the interaction between the readers and we the writers that give us fuel for our tanks. You’ll make it to the 10 year milestone because your readers will sustain you. Just think of us as cheerleaders helping you win the big game. 🙂

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  13. Teressa says:

    I always enjoy wherever your randomness lands. Thank-you! And Congrats!

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  14. I am a newcomer to following you, Andrew. I want to let you know though that I do enjoy your random thoughts. I think that talking about things that are on our minds without being on schedule or a mandatory number of posts per week/month is really the best approach. Several years ago I blogged on a woodworking site called “Lumberjocks” and it got to be a daily habit. I went on for about five years with 1886 posts – nearly every day – and I had quite the following. I would have never in the world thought that I could think of that much to say that was interesting to anyone else. But it became a habit. I quit when things changed over there and I had some things going on in my own life. It is hard to get back in the swing sometimes, but yes – the comments help a lot and let you know people are listening. It is how we make friends online and it is just as nice for me to learn about others as it is for me to talk about myself (better, actually)

    I am glad I found your blog and that you began ‘liking’ my own posts. I enjoy reading what you are up to. Congratulations on your accomplishments. 🙂

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    • I’m glad I found your new blog. I did read some of your Lumberjocks posts and am glad you’ve found another platform. I enjoy following your artistic work. And I have cut a few of your scroll saw patterns.


  15. Annika Perry says:

    It’s in those moments when we have nothing to say that often we have the most to say … the creative being just needed a little space beforehand! 😀

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  16. My blogs have no planned future, Andrew, and an ever-changing history. I started them both with a specific goal in mind and they have evolved. For me, the best blogs are the ones like you, that are like a friendly chat between friends. I like reading about peoples lives, the things that they do, how they are happy or sad. Blogs don’t have to aspire to things. They can be glimpses into your life.

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  17. Vivi says:

    Good luck reaching that 1000 mark😀

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  18. dorannrule says:

    I have been in your shoes many a time…when I think I have nothing important to say. But then something pops into the old head or a sweet Robin flits into view and I am back in the blogusfear. Thanks for reminding me to keep on looking.

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  19. davidprosser says:

    Now we’ll all be on tenterhooks to see just what you do say on the 1000th post.

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  20. Margy says:

    Totally agree that the community is important – even more so during lockdowns!

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  21. Having a plan and following it is a fine thing, but there’s a lot to be said for just meandering and seeing where each post takes you. Congrats on almost 1000; I’m looking forward to reading it.

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  22. It seems to be working 🙂

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  23. Dave Foyle says:

    Given our shared sense of humor, it would be pretty good to say “1,000th post, nothing to see here, move along now.” 😀

    Quite an accomplishment. I don’t think I can enumerate 1,000 creative anythings — maybe guitar strums or chords.

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