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Friday Wisdom – Shopping

I went to buy a mattress.  The sales person showed me a few, but I was unsure and said, “I don’t know, I’ll need to sleep on it.” Guardians of the Galaxy  – the security guards standing outside the Samsung … Continue reading

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Friday Wisdom: Work

As a young man I wanted to get into banking, but I kept losing interest. Nothing ruins a Friday more than realizing it’s Thursday. I’m a great multitasker – I can be unproductive, waste time, and procrastinate all at the … Continue reading

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Thursday Quilting – Big Block

It’s been awhile since I’ve show any quilting progress so here’s where I am: This is the first of the big blocks finished for the bento box quilt.  I made 36 of the small squares.  There will be nine of … Continue reading

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Persistence of Vision

Persistence of Vision … … is the effect where the visual perception of an object continues for some time after the light rays from the object have stoped entering your eyes. Try this: Look an object for a minute.  Stare, … Continue reading

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