Garden Kneeler

This is my 989th post on this blog. That brings the countdown to 11 until the magical post of 1,000. 

I say that, because I have no idea what to write about today.  In fact, I’ve been thinking of renaming this blog to, “I Have Nothing to Say,” and starting each post with, “I have nothing to say this week.”

What do you think? Likely it will bring in thousands if not tens of thousands followers.  People just love to read about nothing.  Millions of people read the news, romance novels, cereal boxes …

Well, I was thinking about writing about garden kneelers.  If you’re over 40 you’ve seen them advertised or possibly seen them at a garden center.  Likely you’ve also seen them in movies or perhaps in your grandmother’s shed.

You know the ones I’m talking about — one way up and they are a seat and the other way a padded kneeler with handles so you can push your way back to a standing position.  Okay here’s a picture of one:  

Picture Stolen from Amazon

They’re a great idea for us older folks who’s knees need a bit of padding when kneeling in the garden and who find the ground a lot further away than it use to be.  You know, guys like me.  Just last week I was on my hands and knees installing some edging between a walkway and a soon to be planting bed.  Getting down there wasn’t too bad, but the trying to get all the way back up was a bit of a struggle.  Luckily for me I had a hammer that extended my reach just enough to help me push off the ground and gain the altitude I needed to stand fully upright.

So, when Heather and I were shopping at the garden center last week, she found this garden kneeler on the shelf.  She said it was a little pricy, but it could be useful.

“Damn the expense, buy it!” was my reply, or encouraging words to that effect …

Now I know she was thinking of it for her use, but I was secretly thinking, “If it works for her, I’ll buy one for me.”

Honesty moment: Heather’s learning about this thought of mine by reading this post so likely I’ll get that whole, “Why didn’t you say,” thing.  Men, you’d think they’d learn …

The weird thing about buying the garden kneeler was that while playing my solitaire game after the purchase I noted that most of the ads running on FreeCell game were for – yes, garden kneelers.  In fact, I’m now seeing the same ads on Facebook, news sites and just yesterday on the weather report.

I must be missing a connection here.  It must be that many people who play FreeCell also purchase garden kneelers.  Either that or Google detected that we’d purchased just one when in fact we should have bought two.  In either case I’m a bit concerned about how ads are selected for FreeCell.  Either FreeCell players tend to also be older gardeners, or this whole “what the internet knows about me” is scarier than I thought.

Anyway, I was thinking about writing about garden kneelers, but really there isn’t much to say about them other than – just buy one, you’ll love it.

That’s it for this week.  I’ll try to think of something to write about for next week. 

About Andrew Reynolds

Born in California Did the school thing studying electronics, computers, release engineering and literary criticism. I worked in the high tech world doing software release engineering and am now retired. Then I got prostate cancer. Now I am a blogger and work in my wood shop doing scroll saw work and marquetry.
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37 Responses to Garden Kneeler

  1. What the internet knows about you is way scarier than you thought but I doubt the whims and fancies of seniors will change the world.

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  2. wolfsrosebud says:

    I’ve never seen one. It’s pretty cool. Almost 1,000; I think you do have something to say.

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  3. Oh, believe me, you don’t wanna know what the internet knows about you. But the kneeler sounds like an excellent device!

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  4. You need an Amazon Associate account then link that image to it so you make money off the flood of your readers racing over there to buy that kneeler. I know I am.

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  5. Debra says:

    I recently bought one, Andrew, and from Amazon. I am quite sure mine is the one in your photo. I garden a minimum of three hours a day, most days. I didn’t want to spend the money, but decided my knees are worth it! 🙂

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  6. Christi says:

    It’s crazy how Google tracks my shopping, or sometimes just my thinking – like saying to my husband, “I’ve been thinking about getting a new mixer” and the next time I’m reading an article online, there’s an ad for a mixer.

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  7. Dave says:

    Not gonna lie Andrew; the photo reminded me of a senior citizen’s walker (upside down) at first. My own garden kneeler is made of dark green plastic and about half the height as yours, so I still have to make an effort to get myself from sitting to standing. Once I can’t manage that maneuver anymore I’ll go shopping for the one you have.

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  8. Baydreamer says:

    You have a knack for how to entertainingly say nothing! 🙂 Garden kneelers are the best, and yes, Google knows everything. Creepy, isn’t it? Great post!

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  9. I’d be lost without my garden kneeler. The individual who invented it should be tasked to resolve world peace, climate change, or cat doors. Clearly a superior mind.

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  10. I’ve had one of those for years because – like you said – it’s easy enough to get down on your knees, but getting up is another matter! Anyway, I use mine every time I work in the yard or garden, pulling weeds, planting, etc. I love it. For the commenter who didn’t understand how you could use it as a seat, you just turn it upside down. As to the ads showing up for you now, what the internet knows about us all is WAY TOO SCARY.

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  11. Be careful what you shop for . . . Google knows and you will be haunted by ads for all eternity. I wish there were some way to tell the bots, “Hey! I got one already! I only have two knees!” 😉

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  12. Ray V. says:

    Kneeling down is one thing. Getting up is another..

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  13. dorannrule says:

    I love your garden kneeler post. It is an example of the inner workings of a happy, active, analytical mind. Keep writing!

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  14. Twan van Elk says:

    Apparently you still have plenty to say in this post, Andrew 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

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  15. lifelessons says:

    I still can’t figure out the ‘put it one way and it is a seat, the other way and it is a padded kneeler. How do you change the “way”?

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    • Pied Type says:

      I’ve got a kneeler exactly like that. Now all I need is a garden to go with it. All the ads are probably because the gardening season is beginning. I leave the legs extended on mine because the tension on them is so strong, I barely got it set up. So far it has just functioned as a tiny table in the garage, holding my drip charger.

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    • Pied Type says:

      Oops, meant that as a comment, not a reply. Anyway, all you do is just turn it upside down. Voila. The handholds become the legs, the knee pad becomes the seat.

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      • lifelessons says:

        Simple. Why didn’t I figure that out? I slipped on something in a big chain drug store in the states right before I moved to Mexico and wrecked both knees Have never been able to kneel since. I can bend, just can’t stand contact with a hard service. They hurried up, mopped it up, never said a word of apology.. Probably afraid of a lawsuit..Certainly changed my life, though. Made it impossible to get out of the hot tub so I finally installed steps.

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    • Just flip it over. The sides are either handles or legs.


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