Friday Wisdom – Spring

By the calendar we’re officially in spring. The weather here in the high desert has been mostly spring like for a week or so, but there is still a chance we might get a hard frost or even snow between now and June. Well, up here it’s possible to get snow in July (yes, there has been). Our feeling of spring has been reenforced by needing to get out and start doing yard work. This time of year the real question is: When should we turn the irrigation on? Well here’s what I do know about spring:

Why couldn’t the little flower ride a bicycle? It’s petals were too small.

Did you know that sheep go on spring breaks? Yup, the go to the Baa-hamas.

I just found out that the King’s favorite kind of weather is Reign-y.

What goes up when the rain comes down? Umbrellas.

The weather service just say that there is a it might rain chickens and ducks next week – they told us to prepare for foul weather.

I just saw that my plum tree is starting to bud out. That’s going to be a re-leaf.

I don’t think my neighbor understands gardening, he just put a packet of seeds in his pond because he wants to grow watermelons.

I saw two flowers out on a date together. Nothing like a budding romance.

Did you know there’s a difference between a spring roll and a summer roll? Its the seasoning.

I think frogs are the happiest animal. They can just eat what bugs them.

I have Irish relatives and every spring they drag out the Paddy O’Furniture.

Well, about my diet, my winter fat is gone. Now it’s all spring rolls.

I was going to plant some flowers today, but I haven’t botany.

About Andrew Reynolds

Born in California Did the school thing studying electronics, computers, release engineering and literary criticism. I worked in the high tech world doing software release engineering and am now retired. Then I got prostate cancer. Now I am a blogger and work in my wood shop doing scroll saw work and marquetry.
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21 Responses to Friday Wisdom – Spring

  1. So grateful for the smiles, Andrew, and love the frogs!

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  2. Dave says:

    “Botany”! Way to finish this list strong. I also relate to your opening question. In Colorado it was always “When can we turn on the sprinklers?” come mid-April, and 5 out of 10 times we got it wrong and had to cover up the exposed pipes with beach towels. I don’t miss that exercise in futility.

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  3. As usual, a lot of funny ones, hard for me to choose a favorite!

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  4. “Paddy Oโ€™Furniture.” Wow. Haha. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  5. jfwknifton says:

    Excellent stuff, and a new superhero is born. The man who is to Ireland what Superman is to the USA…….Paddy Oโ€™Furniture !

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  6. SusanR says:

    Seeing some winter re-leaf here too. Hurray!


  7. It’s the seasoning! Haven’t botany. Wonderful grow-ners!

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  8. “Haven’t botany”! Ha! Thanks for the ‘springy’ jokes, Andrew! ๐Ÿ™‚

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  9. Oh, there’s some wonderful dad joke options here. Petals being too small! Paddy Oโ€™Furniture! Oh, yes, I can see repeating these in the future. Ha, ha.

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  10. Happy Friday and happy spring! ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for the fun post!

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