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The bite of cigarette smoke gently wafts past threatening to close my throat, just before a gentle rain starts to fall. Smell of life rising from the grey sky as I sweep the dust out of my workshop. A dog … Continue reading

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Not Writing

There are times when words fail, and silence says more. There are moments when a sunset brings the comforting silence of night. When our urge to rage against the machine is laid bare as the pain of failing dreams. A … Continue reading

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Day 32

Struggle for normalcy. Grasp for ordinary. Such are the days now. The unspoken words on all lips, “When will the storm break?” When will we crawl above ground and survey the damage? It’s Easter. Most think of bunnies and searching … Continue reading

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NaPoWriMo Poem 1

April 1 A humming bird darts past. Hovering in front of a flower. Drinking in the freedom of the air. I stand in my confinement, in the fortress as microbes assault the ramparts Flitting emerald bird flies to the camellia … Continue reading

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