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On The Edge of Change

On The Edge of Change The car powers up the hill with my hand loosely on the wheel. A little shimmy as my foot adds power to the climb. The road passes though the dried trees and dead grass that … Continue reading

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Yesterday It was in a gift shop in a back street on Montmartre. I was drawn to it and the single word, “Yesterday” printed on the tiny cardboard box. The little metal handle with the red bead spun a tune … Continue reading

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Today, so Long Ago (a poem)

Youth I smelled the color of the air so long ago today. Spring days with rabbits, horses and puppy dogs floating lazily across a bright blue mind. A bright wind lifts the kite with the rag tail beyond the power … Continue reading

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Sometimes – a poem

There are times when words fail. So many things that should be said. So many things that could be said. But in the cold light of day, silence, and a tear are all that cross the rift between broken hearts. … Continue reading

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