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Poetry Revision

The greatest lesson a writer can learn is the art of revision. A text can always be improved. A poem can always be distilled to the essential image – the central emotion, the basic truth the poem is seeking. One … Continue reading

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Tap – A Poem for a Hot Day

Hot. Too hot. Energy sapping hot. I have great thoughts but they can’t get past the headache. A cool drink helps, but not for long. The fan blows warm air around my head. Thoughts do not cool. Tap. A diamond … Continue reading

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I Left My Gas Cap in Flagstaff

The afternoon desert wind was growing as our repaired car finally found the interstate. Course set west, to home, hearth, and security, and away from unplanned adventure. Disappointment of the things not seen weighed down my heart. Unwanted memories flooding … Continue reading

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A Walk by the Lake

Remember the playful days of youth when the sun shone down on green fields. When you’d run so fast that the wind would blow in your hair. The joy of rolling down a grassy hill or skipping a stone across … Continue reading

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