Today is the 120th post on this blog.  Celebration, party time – time for a happy dance!

So why is that important you’re asking?

Well, because I didn’t think of anything else to write about and since I didn’t notice when I wrote my 100th post, I thought I’d make a big deal out post 120.  I can’t claim to have written 120 because Heather wrote couple of posts, a few were just pictures and I think one or two might just be posting the link to someone else’s blog.

But I will claim – 120 posts on this site.  Not great but it’s the longest running blog I’ve ever had.  Okay, okay, it’s my first blog.  It is better than some people do.  Go try this: go to http://www.wordpress.com and start looking at people’s blogs.  Some are wacky. Some weird.  Some insightful. Some should be deleted without reading. Many with just five or six entries and a bunch with just one entry from 2007 (there must have been a Oprah show that year about starting a blog).

So, here I am with a blog, 120 posts, a few dozen followers and a couple of hundred comments.  At least one of us should be impressed.

Writing for this blog has been a great writing discipline.  Forcing myself to write helps keep the brain unclogged and the imagination flowing. In the past most of my writing has been in spurts – I’ll write a short story over a couple of months and then not write for a year or more.  Now, I’ve found myself able to bang out a short piece every week without too much effort.  I’d like to think it has helped me grow as a writer.

A week ago I was asked by someone who has read this blog about how I figure out what to write and how long it takes.  Well, it takes about two hours to create a post which includes, writing, editing – mostly done by Heather, processing pictures and doing the mechanics of uploading everything to server.

How do I figure out what to write?  I don’t really know – not a clue how I do that.  I mean it.  Sometimes I’ll have a thought about what I want to write about.  I’ve even made outlines, done research and gone through drafts.  Strangely enough I rarely post those.  Most of my writing for this blog starts out with a title and an opening sentence and just flows from there.  You might call it a stream of consciousness.

I do have a few guidelines I keep in my mind:  Keep the writing style conversational, use words I can spell, don’t let my fingers stop typing for more than a minute, there are off-limit subjects, and most importantly – try to have some fun.

The other thing I do is to delete my words without mercy.  While I general post entries with about 800 words, most times I’ve really written 1,200 or 1,400 and deleted what doesn’t work.

What I write about is just what is affecting me that week.  For example this week I’ve been affected by my new office location, I missed Ash Wednesday service because of work, I’ve had to help my older brother deal with the medical system, I am working on a piece in my shop that is going frustratingly slow, I’ve been updating my “intertextual Andrew” and “Earth Abides” pages and yesterday Heather and I went on a great hike (got tons of pictures).  Oh, and I had lunch with a friend and put gas in my car.

Out of all of that what to write about?

Of course, none of it.

When I sat down I saw that I was about to write my 120th blog post and naturally my brain starting working on that.

That’s about it for this week.  Maybe next week I’ll have something really insightful or really funny to post.  While I was in the shop this afternoon cutting at the scroll saw, I did have a vague notion to ask my readers if you all had any subjects you’d like me to write about (I also thought about asking for titles, or writing prompts).

It was just a notion – likely best to not say that out loud.

No idea what I’ll write about next week, however you can expect a mid-week post this week about the hike Heather and I took yesterday.  It’ll have pictures and maybe a couple of words.

Till next week,

About Andrew Reynolds

Born in California Did the school thing studying electronics, computers, release engineering and literary criticism. I worked in the high tech world doing software release engineering and am now retired. Then I got prostate cancer. Now I am a blogger and work in my wood shop doing scroll saw work and marquetry.
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  1. Marv says:

    Thanks for sharing your unique gift of writing. I enjoy reading each of your blogs.


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