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Digging Holes

I have a number of hobbies.  One that I really love is digging holes in dirt.  It’s almost as much fun as taking a sledgehammer and breaking up concrete.  It is certainly more fun than taking my brother to the … Continue reading

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Don’t Want to Think About it

What’s this week been like for you? I thought I’d ask because I don’t really feel like writing about my week today.  Parts of it didn’t work out well and it was far to busy with stuff that I don’t … Continue reading

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Of Kites and Grave Sites

As a child I remember March as the windy month.  It was the transition between the rainy California winter and the sun of summer.  It also meant, flying kites.  Mother would take me to the store and she buy me a … Continue reading

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It’s one of those weeks where I am just exhausted beyond belief and should skip writing.  I thought about just posting a few pictures instead of writing, but I’ve been so busy that I’ve not gotten anything done. You see, … Continue reading

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