Don’t Want to Think About it

What’s this week been like for you?

I thought I’d ask because I don’t really feel like writing about my week today.  Parts of it didn’t work out well and it was far to busy with stuff that I don’t really remember, or likely should forget.

We went hiking today.  It was beautiful Sunday here – spring is fully here, flowers blooming, gentle breeze playing on the grass and the sun warming my soul.

Here’s a picture:

russian ridge view

The view from Russian Ridge

Yesterday we got up too late to go hiking and stayed home.  Heather worked in the garden and I made things in my workshop.  Made two things for the garden – two of these little “thermometer houses” for the little weather station thing we have and this little trellis for the vine that I never remember the name of (Heather tells me it’s a Black Eyed Susan, Thunbergia alata ).

thermometer house

Holds the wireless sensor for our weather station



Vine trellis

The left side is the little trellis I added for the black eyed Susan vine

I’ve also been working on this fret workbox:

fretwork box

Two sides of the fretwork box.

The turtle box got new pieces for the shell:

turtle box lid

Shell pieces for the lid of the turtle box

I saw my accountant to get my taxes done – there was an exciting appointment.  I was correct in taking a large Starbucks with me.  My favorite question to ask was, “can you figure that out from these papers I brought?”  I am happy to report that I brought enough paper to keep him answering, “Yes, I have what I need.”  Cool.  I am hoping for a refund (there’s still that band saw I want) but I’ve left enough reserve in the checking account in case the IRS and congress have other plans for my money.

But mostly I’ve been trying to ignore the realities of my upcoming week.

Yup, just killing time until next Sunday.  Hopefully this week just won’t happen or I’ll find that I really do have a time machine in the shop and can just skip forward to the end to see how it all turned out.

Generally I try not to project too much into the future, but there’s a big elephant on my calendar for tomorrow.  This one is in a wheelchair – no, not saying my brother is as big as elephant but his “little” problem is.

Tomorrow is the day that I get to spend all afternoon with my brother, doctors, nurses, care coordinators, and way too much information.

I’ve done it before –  for both father and mother.  When my mother’s doctors discovered the extent of her cancer – I stood at her bedside as the doctor told her.  My father was ill for many years before his death.  I was the name on the advanced directive.

Now, once more into a place where I stand by helplessly and try to guide a family member through the medical system.  I ask myself, “Do I have the strength to do this once again?”

I do know one thing to expect for tomorrow: the unexpected.  Doctors and medical institutions have a way of eluding my expectations. I won’t even venture to guess what may happen.

So, while I wait for my CPA to find the money for my band saw and the doctors to pronounce their verdict, let’s talk about you – what did you do last week?

About Andrew Reynolds

Born in California Did the school thing studying electronics, computers, release engineering and literary criticism. I worked in the high tech world doing software release engineering and am now retired. Then I got prostate cancer. Now I am a blogger and work in my wood shop doing scroll saw work and marquetry.
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5 Responses to Don’t Want to Think About it

  1. Your woodworking pieces are delightful. Your workplace must be an area of meditation for you; when you’re there you can tune out the rest of the world and give your full concentration on your project. You’d better give your full concentration, especially when you’re dealing with power tools. Making that turtle must have been a little tricky.

    I read an article about the new LED light bulbs and went to Home Depot to ask about them. They are expensive to buy, but use a fraction of the electricity other bulbs use, and last for years. I bought one to try, but was disappointed that the strongest wattage made so far is 75. That wouldn’t cut it as a reading light, and there are not yet three way bulbs. But I am keeping up with technology.


    • Andrew says:

      I love doing the woodwork. The work is very meditative – especially the fretwork. There is also just something so great about saying, “I made that.” The turtle was tricky – pain in the rear actually but I’m getting there.

      LED light bulbs have a lot of promise but in the large scale aren’t there yet. I do have a number of smaller LEDs lights and even my magnifier on my scroll saw has LED lights. Which is nice since they don’t get too hot but the light has a blue tint to it that is distracting at times.


  2. deb reilly says:

    You’ll get through tomorrow, but you already know that. I’m glad for your brother that he has you. And glad for you and Heather that you have each other.

    My week? My job is a swirl of children who have not been loved nearly enough, or not at all, combined with small mountains of paperwork and quota deadlines. I am thrilled when I can make some small difference. Lots of times, I can’t. Took my 4-year-old grandson shopping for new clothes yesterday. He must have tried on 8 pairs of sneakers. IBS is kicked into high gear. Feeling guilty about not “being there” for some people I love—a step-brother diagnosed last month with pancreatic cancer, a friend with cracked ribs, whose depression I can no longer handle, a sister with so many issues, sometimes it feels like a physical weight.

    But the wind was warm today, 79 degrees. And I am astounded that I got this wonderful job that I love, just by jumping to the lily pad when it appeared. And I have two daughters who delight me. And a grandson with new “really fast” sneakers.


    • Andrew says:

      I got through it. More about that later. Sounds like you had a fun week. I love it: “really fast” sneakers. Wish I had some of those.


  3. Heather Reynolds says:

    I love it


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