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Two Years

It’s been two years.  Two years since that journey started.  Two years since that call – since… Since the dreaded word, prostate cancer. The journey to here hasn’t been easy but it hasn’t been as difficult as some cancer victims … Continue reading

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The Relay Post

The last two Sundays I’ve written these poem like things and posted them for my weekly writing.  I’ll admit I am not a very good poet but sometimes a bit of verse just springs out – unasked for and unplanned.  … Continue reading

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Digging Holes

I have a number of hobbies.  One that I really love is digging holes in dirt.  It’s almost as much fun as taking a sledgehammer and breaking up concrete.  It is certainly more fun than taking my brother to the … Continue reading

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Don’t Want to Think About it

What’s this week been like for you? I thought I’d ask because I don’t really feel like writing about my week today.  Parts of it didn’t work out well and it was far to busy with stuff that I don’t … Continue reading

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