On Vacation

Officially I am on vacation and there is no post this week.

I had planned on writing a bit of a post before I left and then set it to auto-publish tonight.  Yeah, that never happened and here I am in a party hotel listening to loud music and writing.  I had promised myself that I wouldn’t do any writing or looking at the computer at all this weekend.  So far it’s been three days since I’ve touched a computer keyboard.  The withdrawal symptoms haven’t been too bad.  You should know that I don’t have a smart phone to fall back on so I’ve not read email, looked at Facebook or even any other blogs.

The music isn’t great but there’s enough drinks flowing that no one seems to mind.

Now I do have a perfectly good reason to be on the computer right now – it’s gets back to that not having a smart phone.  You see, tomorrow we’re off to LegoLand and I needed to get directions on how to get there.  I guess I could have rented a car with GPS instead of dragging a laptop through two airports, a bus, a train and the rental car.  But then, how would I write this post so you’d know that I was just taking a week off of writing and not in the hospital  on those tiny little screens ? My typing teacher never taught me how to type on one of those.

Nothing like that – just Heather and I here in a hotel without a smart phone and me needing to figure out how to get to LegoLand.  I am thinking that having a smart phone might be a good idea when we travel.  It would certainly be lighter and you’d get much shorter posts while I was traveling.  The only thing that’s kept me from getting a smart phone so far has been the expense, the question “would I really use it,” and the fact that my ten-year old cell phone still works for the three phone calls a month I get.  A friend at work was showing me this new fancy thing called, “Texting” which looked really cool.  My 14-year-old grandson has confirmed the coolness factor of being able to “text.”

Over the last three years, I’ve repeatedly said that my next phone will be a smart phone and that I’d get one as soon as the battery in my ten-year old flip phone dies.  It just seems wrong to take a perfectly good working phone and just throw it on the scrap heap so I can text Heather while she’s in the garden and I’m in the workshop.  I guess I could start sending her hourly updates while I am at the office.  She might be interested in everytime I go get myself a cup of tea or go to a meeting.  Do you send a text to tell someone you’re not going to be texting for a while?

Seems all too complicated to figure out and I only logged in to tell you that I am on vacation am not got to write a post this week.

Till next week,


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Born in California Did the school thing studying electronics, computers, release engineering and literary criticism. I worked in the high tech world doing software release engineering and am now retired. Then I got prostate cancer. Now I am a blogger and work in my wood shop doing scroll saw work and marquetry.
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