The Quilt Show

This is a week where I am just posting a few pictures.  It’s the annual Pacific International Quilt Festival weekend and I’ve been out there most of the last two days with Heather seeing some amazing quilt and fabric art.  Including Heather’s excellent quilt.  Heather is a very good artist and has been doing quilting for a while.  She’s made a number of quilts and currently is making a quilt for each of the grand kids.  I’ve always thought her quilts were good enough to enter into a juried quilt show.  This year I managed to convince/bribe/beg – her to enter this example of her work.  Here she is standing next to it.  Note the ‘Pink Floyd’ tee-shirt and know is isn’t your grandma’s quilt show.  There is a lot of fine art, modern art, traditional art and – well I always think of it as an art show.  And yes, I go every year, willingly, because I love to see the work these “fabric artists” produce.

2013 Pacific International Quilt Festival

Heather at the 2013 Pacific International Quilt Festival with her quilt entry

Taking this picture was the first thing we did when we arrived at the show yesterday.  Second thing we did was to go over to Ray’s Sewing Center both to see the new quilting machine Heather bought as her reward from me for being brave enough to enter the show.  Sadly the judges didn’t agree with me about the award-winning nature of this quilt so all she got was the satisfaction of being selected for the show – and the new sewing machine.

I’ve started a new project in the wood shop:

Lumber for the new entertainment center

Lumber for the new entertainment center

Some day this stack of red oak plywood will be our new entertainment center.  I am hoping that when I actually finish this that Heather will let me buy that new band saw I want.

Here is a progress picture:

First part glued on.  At this rate the unit will be ready in 2015

First part glued on. At this rate the unit will be ready in 2015


Well, my feet hurt, my back aches and don’t get me started on the fun I had getting a root canal this last week so it’s time to post this and head off to find what I’ve got in the medicine cabinet for pain relief.

Till next week,





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  1. deb reilly says:

    Go, Heather!


  2. YAPCaB says:

    Incredible quilt!


  3. Marv Tanner says:

    You and Heather are quite talented. Will look forward to your progess on the entertainment center. I made a sewing cabinet for Ina while we were living in new York. I made it from birch plywood ($7/sheet). But I made the mistake of making it a built-in. Ina has never forgiven me.


  4. Please tell Heather that her quilt is stunning.


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