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Happy New Year

It’s been a good week – mostly. Christmas was great.  We kept it low-key this year and stayed in town with a small gathering of family and friends on Christmas day. Christmas eve we went to the children’s play at … Continue reading

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Tooth to Tire

It’s been one of those weeks I wish I could just fast forward through. It wasn’t a bad week – just one of those you knew you had to do, but didn’t really want to.  I mean really, it would … Continue reading

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It’s a day that I should likely not be writing, while the world is building up to the joy of Christmas I am feeling ‘less than joyful.’  Mostly because I found out this last week that a dear friend of … Continue reading

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It’s cold here, very cold.  The afternoon high was 47 degrees and tonight it’s predicted to drop to 29.  I looked that up and water freezes at that temperature.  Don’t get me wrong, I do like ice – on a … Continue reading

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