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Wednesday Woodworking – Cat Bench

With Camp Gran getting into full swing, woodworking is taking a backseat.  I did manage one project over the weekend, a bench just outside the new kitty door to their room. Here it is: Now when the kitties leave their … Continue reading

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Camp Gran

It opened last Sunday with the arrival of a grandson.  Gran (Heather) and I will be running this fun-filled camp for the month of July.  The rest of the campers arrive this week. We started this camp when the kid’s … Continue reading

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Wednesday Woodworking – the Cattery

It started out as a being our new sun room, but has morphed into our new cattery.  The kittens were living in our guest room.  With human guests arriving, we’ve relocated the cats and now our new sun room is … Continue reading

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I Had in Mind

I had in mind to do a funny post. to spin a yarn, and craft an amusing tale of kids and airplanes. A tail of kites and cats. But melancholy descends in the hours before. Remembrance of childish cares fading … Continue reading

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