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Friday Physics Lesson

Condition: The irresistible force encounters the immovable object. Result: Compound stationary movement. Example in nature: The U.S. Congress More wisdom next week, Andrew  

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Wednesday Woodworking – Designing a Desk at my Desk

I have an unheated workshop so in January it’s too cold to work out there much.  Instead I’ve been indoors planning projects for the coming year.  My desk and office area are in need of an upgrade and that’s the … Continue reading

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Friday Wisdom – The Software Demo

When demoing new software to the company CEO, new and severe bugs will suddenly appear forcing the presenter to spend twenty minutes saying, “It didn’t do this during testing.” This will be followed by a ten minute lecture from the … Continue reading

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Friday Wisdom – Software Quality

At the office I’ve doing a bit of project management as we’re short staffed at the moment (well all high tech is short staffed at the moment) and was reminded of this engineering truism: There are three things you can … Continue reading

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