Friday Wisdom – Haiku

Haikus are easy
sometimes don’t make sense



Some of you have seen reports of flooding and lots of rain here in California.  Some levees have been breached, there have been mudslides and Interstate 80 will likely be close due to heavy snow.

First, Heather and I are safe.  Our biggest problem is restless cats who can’t go out and play in the garden.

Second, the media is over sensationalizing things – again.

The house that slid in the mudslide shouldn’t have been built there in the first place and was coming down sooner or later.  The levees break all the time and generally flood land that’s not in use or it’s not an immediate danger (fallow farms, parks, wildlife preserves, green belts) – in fact some levees are meant to break to relive pressure.

And finally there are about 30 snow plows in the whole state and the stores don’t sell snow shovels.  Two inches of snow can paralyze the whole state.

The only news story here is that, it’s not rained in a few years and this is what happens when it rains.

If you need me – I’ll be trying to figure out what causes water to fall from the sky,



About Andrew Reynolds

Born in California Did the school thing studying electronics, computers, release engineering and literary criticism. I worked in the high tech world doing software release engineering and am now retired. Then I got prostate cancer. Now I am a blogger and work in my wood shop doing scroll saw work and marquetry.
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32 Responses to Friday Wisdom – Haiku

  1. krcc says:

    Steel-toed shoes are good
    For those who can build their own
    Desks and move them too.

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  2. krcc says:

    Your haiku is a riot!

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  3. disturbedteacher says:

    Glad you are safe. I would have thought Cali was washing away from the news stories…they don’t get too much right here lately.

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    • There are four basic overly dramatic stories from CA: We’re on fire, we’re flooding, earthquakes, and wacky politics. None every match the reality of living here.


  4. Well, at least you’re getting some rain. And your haiku made me laugh, so that’s two good things… 🙂

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  5. Glad you are safe. The media over-sensationalizing something?? Oh, I can’t even imagine. (Heavy sarcasm here,)

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  6. katknit says:

    Yes! So many homes are built in precarious locations, and when predictable disasters occur , the taxpayer is forced to foot the bill as well as pay higher insurance premiums.

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    • There are a lot like that here in CA. Recently we saw a new housing track built in a known flood plane. The area has flooded every 10 years for as long as I remember and yet they building houses there. Future CNN headline.


  7. CJ Hartwell says:

    Weather confused most people. We were in far more danger of flooding in Phoenix than we are here, living maybe 50 feet from the Mississippi. Glad to hear you’re okay. (Love the haiku, definitely refrigerator worthy.)

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  8. Debra says:

    I’m loving the rain, but then I don’t have flooding to contend with. My dog, on the other hand, is driving me crazy. She doesn’t know what to do with day after day indoors. I’ve tried explaining to her that this could be it for another few years and she should just enjoy it, but she doesn’t seem consoled.

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    • The rain is great to have and our fruit trees needed the cold. But, the cats don’t get it and are just pacing waiting for clear weather. The worst weather problem I have is California drivers who seem unable to understand how to drive in the rain.


  9. I love your dry sense of humor! This is a fun post! Blessings to you and yours, Andrew!

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  10. Pied Type says:

    With or without the media interpretation, it does seem like the west coast has gotten way more than its share of nature disasters and freaky weather in the last year. Glad all’s well with you.

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    • It seems like it, but not really. The rain/flooding/mudslides the last couple of weeks are normal for this much rain and we get this kind of thing every 5-10 years. What it is, is a big contrast to the years of drought we’ve had this decade.

      and I don’t consider last year’s fires to be a ‘natural’ disaster – those were caused by criminal negligence by the utilities and government. They were preventable, but both PG&E and government agencies refused to take the action needed to prevent it.


  11. Dave Foyle says:

    Re: “what causes water to fall from the sky”…. I think the bigger question is “how did the water get up in the sky in the first place?” 🙂

    Same here about weather and perceptions. It was reported that Seattle had the most snow in February in 70 years. An hour south, We got 2 waves of about 5-7 inches of snow each time last week. But, it really seemed to feel a lot like being up at Tahoe on a winter trip. I don’t have to commute in it, which is HUGE! Woke up today and the sun’s shining!

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    • That’s a good question, “How did the water get up there?” Tahoe got hit hard last week. Looks like 80 will be closed off and on all weekend. We did get a dusting of snow on the west valley hills. Stay warm and dry up there.


  12. First of all, that haiku has been hanging on my refrigerator since my eldest was 9 I think. So a decade. Love it.

    Second of all, what very different worlds we live in! Glad to hear it’s not all doom and gloom. I just heard from a friend who left here (NW WI) yesterday for Seattle. She left 28″ of snow on the ground here, and arrived there to an inch or two of alien snow, and people are in a panic. They’re ‘shoveling’ with dustpans, and there are runs on food everywhere like it’s the apocalypse. She’s having a blast watching it all unfold.

    Glad you are well, and haven’t built your house on the edge of the world. 😉

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  13. My husband spent most of one night pumping water from our backyard before it flooded the living room. I did my part the next day by buying another pump, for redundancy.
    We all do what we can.

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